How 1 cup of sugar in grams?


if you are seeking to convert baking recipes from cups to grams, use the tables of baking conversions below to guide you while changing ingredients like powdered sugar from cups to grams. there’s a touch math worried, but it is well worth it. as soon as the way to convert a recipe from one solidarity of degree to some other, you’ll be capable of bake almost whatever, no matter wherein the recipe become advanced or how the substances were measured.

Get acquainted with the devices of measure and their abbreviations

some recipe writers will spell out the devices of measure in their recipe, as grams and oz, as an example, at the same time as others may abbreviate them to g and oz. here is a rundown of the normally used abbreviations for the gadgets of measure used in baking.

In baking, volumes are generally expressed with the subsequent devices and abbreviations:

teaspoon is abbreviated to teaspoon or now and again t

tablespoon is abbreviated to tablespoon or now and again T

cups are not generally abbreviated but you can see them written as C or c

millilitre is abbreviated to mL

litre is abbreviated to L

fluid oz. is abbreviated to fl ounces


at the same time as teaspoons and tablespoons are common in many countries, they are not commonplace everywhere. moreover, 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon can suggest unique volumes, depending at the region, even though commonly, the conversions for volumes are as follows:

2.five mL is ½ tsp

five mL is 1 tsp

15 mL is 1 tablespoon (in most nations)

20 mL is 1 tablespoon (in Australia)

60 mL is ¼ cup

eighty mL is ⅓ cup

125 mL is ½ cup

180 mL is ¾ cup

160 mL is ⅔ cup

250 mL is 1 cup

250 mL or 1 cup

32 oz is 1 L

WEIGHT devices

Baker’s explicit weights the usage of the subsequent gadgets and abbreviations:

Oz is abbreviated to oz

grams are abbreviated to g

kilograms are abbreviated to kg

kilos are abbreviated to lb


1 lb is equal to sixteen ozor 454 g

2-¼ lb is equal to one kg

a thousand g is equal to one kg

KITCHEN equipment YOU want FOR MEASURING substances

remember that when you degree out dry substances, use cup measures designed for dry ingredients (like those on Amazon), like flour, sugars, oats, and so on. on the other hand, use a measuring cup designed for beverages (like this one on Amazon) whilst you need to degree substances like milk, water, and whatever that is fluid!

even as both gear degree volumes, it’s plenty less complicated to fill dry measuring cups with dry substances and stage them via going for walks the again of a knife throughout. And liquid measuring cups make filling, pouring, and taking walks around a lot much less messy. No spills! believe me! For nut butters, i take advantage of dry measuring cups. Use the tool that you are maximum comfy with.

For small quantities of elements, by no means weigh them except you’ve got a scale that can take care of small weights of much less than 10 grams. So for components like baking soda, baking powder, and salt, use tablespoons and teaspoons, now not your kitchen scale.

in case you are unsure, seek advice from this guide to measuring baking ingredients so that you use the gear you’ve got properly!


One crucial tool in case you want to transition to baking along with your kitchen scale with the aid of weight rather than with measuring cups is a baking substances conversion chart. i have put together an clean-to-use printable Baking Conversions Chart with all of the maximum not unusual baking elements that you will need to bake maximum recipes, which includes the ones in this blog. The baking conversions chart includes cups, metric & imperial measurements (grams & oz.), and it is printable! purchase the entire package deal of baking conversion charts to convert substances, pans, temperatures, volumes, weights, and extra.

right here ARE THE gear YOU need TO degree components on your KITCHEN:

Dry measuring cups: i like heavy obligation chrome steel dry measuring cups that sit flat at the counter in order that i will spoon components into them effortlessly with out the risk of them tipping over. I suggest this OXO set of dry measuring cups from Amazon, which hold collectively with a magnet.

Set of measuring spoons: I own this stainless steel set that you could discover on Amazon. The spoons fit in most jars.

Liquid measuring cups: i like this set of glass Pyrex measuring cups that you could find on Amazon. I even have a 4 cup measuring cup, that’s more beneficial for cooking than baking (like if you have to degree massive cups of inventory or water for soups and stews). Oxo makes a fixed of neat liquid measuring cups which are smooth to examine from above. if you have problem bending right down to examine a cup measurer, I fairly advocate the Oxo measuring cups! you may additionally discover them on Amazon.

Kitchen scale: i’ve attempted numerous brands however i like the Oxo kitchen scale the most. The OXO kitchen scale takes regular AA batteries, it is able to additionally be used to weigh via difference (with terrible numbers!), it has a pull out show, and the chrome steel plate which you weigh on may be removed, making washing so much less complicated—get the OXO kitchen scale on Amazon. by way of the way, OXO has a new version in their popular kitchen scale on Amazon, but i have never tried it yet.

technique is the whole lot so make certain to read this manual to measuring ingredients for baking, so you use the nice strategies.

below you’ll discover a listing of baking conversions that I observe when i am baking so you can without problems convert from grams to cups, or the other manner round. when you have to update one element with another for your recipes, ensure to seek advice from this listing of baking substitutions to manual you through the method.

WHY “HOW a good deal DOES 1 CUP WEIGH” isn’t always THE right question to invite

“How plenty does 1 cup weigh?” the load of 1 cup of something is dependant on the density of the component you are measuring. So 1 cup of all motive flour does now not weigh the equal factor as 1 cup of chocolate or 1 cup of skim milk, as an example. The extent of one cup of flour and 1 cup of milk is the equal. sure. however the weight of one cup of these ingredients is not. if you are questioning how to convert from volumes to weights, or vice versa, hold reading or sign on to download this baking conversions chart pdf.


usually: 1 stick of butter is ½ cup and weighs 115 grams; 2 sticks of butter is 1 cup and weighs 230 grams. A pound of butter is four sticks of butter and weighs 450 grams. You have to notice that 1 stick of butter is likewise equal to eight tablespoon of butter. half a stick of butter is equivalent to ¼ cup or four tablespoon of butter. don’t confuse the massive pound block of butter with the smaller baking sticks.

1 cup butter weighs 230 grams

¾ cup butter weighs 173 grams

⅔ cup butter weighs 153 grams

½ cup butter weighs 150 grams

⅓ cup butter weighs 77 grams

¼ cup butter weighs 78 grams


The conversion from extent to weight for oil is slightly different than butter. Oil has a decrease density than butter, consequently 1 cup oil weighs a touch much less than 1 cup of butter. In reality, 1 cup of oil weighs 225 grams.

1 cup oil weighs 225 grams

¾ cup oil weighs 170 grams

⅔ cup oil weighs a hundred and fifty grams

½ cup oil weighs 113 grams

⅓ cup oil weighs 75 grams

¼ cup oil weighs 66 grams


the weight of 1 cup of flour varies consistent with the kind of flour. It additionally varies significantly according to the way you fill the measuring cup with flour. I measure flour the usage of the spoon-into-cup method, instead of the scooping technique.

For the spoon-into-cup technique, you’re spooning the flour into the dry measuring cup and 1 cup of flour is equal to one hundred 25 grams, on average. You aren’t packing and compacting the flour into the cup degree. You aren’t tapping the measuring cup to % the flour down so that you can squeeze in greater!

For the scooping approach: if you take your measuring cup and drag it via a bag of flour to fill it, the flour is extra compact inside the measuring cup and consequently, 1 cup of flour will weigh 140 grams, if now not greater.

in case you spoon flour into your measuring cup, 1 cup of flour is equivalent to one hundred 25 grams, on common. it’s the way I fill a measuring cup and so this is the conversion I exploit on Kitchen Heals Soul. here are some beneficial conversions of cups to grams of flour.


more often than not, if you fill your measuring cup with the aid of spooning in dry substances into the cup, then levelling the pinnacle, 1 cup of all-cause flour weighs 125 grams.

1 cup all-motive flour weighs 125 grams

¾ cup all-cause flour weighs 45 grams

⅔ cup all-motive flour weighs 84 grams

½ cup all-reason flour weighs 63 grams

⅓ cup all-motive flour weighs 42 grams

¼ cup all-cause flour weighs 31 grams

notice: The above conversions also follow to complete wheat flour, buckwheat flour, bread flour, graham flour, and coconut flour,


Cake flour is lighter than all-cause flour, and so, 1 cup of cake flour weighs 115 grams. For chestnut flour, 1 cup weighs a hundred and fifteen grams as properly. This conversion additionally applies to chopped nuts: 1 cup of chopped nuts weighs 115 grams.

1 cup cake flour weighs one hundred fifteen grams

¾ cup cake flour weighs 86 grams

⅔ cup cake flour nuts weighs 77 grams

½ cup cake flour weighs 58 grams

⅓ cup cake flour weighs 38 grams

¼ cup cake flour weighs 29 grams

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