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The Golfeados are some rolls rolled in the shape of a snail, which, without a doubt, have become one of the most appreciated sweets by Venezuelans. They are found in any bakery in the country, but the most famous and really delicious, soft, fluffy and full of “melao” are found in the vicinity of Caracas, on the roads to Junquito and Los Teques … One of the best in Caracas They are the Golfeados Don Goyo everyone knows them and they are in the CCST. Apart from the Tequeños, the cachitos and the Pan de Jamón, it is one of the typical recipes of Venezuela


The Golfeados are filled with papelón and cheese, flavored with aniseed in kind, rolled into a conch shell and baked. Accompanied by a piece of cheese ‘e mano they are an unforgettable delight.

Ingredients to make golfeados (Makes 16 servings):

800 gr of wheat flour
200 ml milk
400 gr of white cheese, paisa, llanero, etc.
2 eggs
200 gr of Papelón (Panela)
100 g of butter
150 gr of sugar
2 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons yeast
2 tablespoons vanilla
1 tablespoon of salt
Ground cinnamon to taste
Anise in spice to taste

What to use in this recipe:

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Preparation step by step Venezuelan golfeados recipe:

We are going to start preparing the melao de papelón

We put the papelón panelita in a pot with 1/4 of water, and leave it over low heat, stirring from time to time until it melts and turns into honey.

Remove from the heat and we go with the dough:

Before starting, it is important to note that all ingredients must be at room temperature. Add the milk, two tablespoons of papelón melao, the two eggs, 100 grams of sugar, the yeast, the honey, and the butter in the blender or in a container. If you do it in the mixer, add the flour and vanilla and knead. If you do it on the table, mix everything (except the flour) because we will place the latter in the shape of a volcano on the table and then in the center you add the previous mixture. And we knead until smooth and manageable.

At first you will notice that the dough is somewhat sticky, but then it peels off and becomes more “friendly” 🙂 It is time to add the anise and knead a little more.

Flour the table, place the dough and with a rolling pin we will give it a rectangular shape until it reaches a thickness of 1 cm. We will paint the dough with the papelón melao, which if it has hardened a little you can heat it a little before.

This for me was the most fun part!

Now we will add the grated cheese, we now spread the remaining 50 grams of sugar (remember that at the beginning in the mixture we only add only 100 grams of the 150) a little cinnamon to taste and we will roll tightly.

Now we cut the roll into slices of 4 or 5 cm approximately.

And we will place them on a buttered tray or with vegetable paper, and let them rest for 1 hour and a half in the oven (without turning it on). After this time -and this is the trick to make them soft- we will add a splash of water between hitting and hitting.

We will bake 25 minutes at 180ºC, we take them out, we paint them with another bit of paper and in the oven for 5 more minutes!

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