Can a grandson be a pallbearer?

Pallbearers are usually close family members and friends. Siblings, adult children, grown grandchildren, nieces and nephews, close friends, and colleagues are all common choices for pallbearers. However, anyone can serve as a pallbearer.

Can grandchildren be pallbearers?

In most funerals, there are some common choices while selecting pallbearers. Siblings, adult children, grown-up grandchildren or close friends, colleagues or nephews and nieces are frequently selected as pallbearers. There is no written rule as to who can handle this task.

Who should not be a pallbearer?

Opinions differ on whether family members should be asked to be pallbearers. Some people consider it a no-no, while others are fine with including family members. It's possible that immediate family members of the deceased, like siblings or children, may be grieving too deeply to be tasked with this job.

Can immediate family be a pallbearer?

While many may associate men as pallbearers, women can also be asked to fulfill this role. Generally, it is best not to use immediate family members unless this is something they wish to do for the deceased.

How old do you have to be to be a pallbearer?

They can be men and women usually over the age of 16. When asked to be a pallbearer, it's an honor and very few people decline this request. Pallbearers play a crucial role in the funeral service, as they're in the public eye.

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Can family members carry a coffin?

Both men and women can be pallbearers, and many people often choose either family members or close friends of the deceased to carry the coffin. Traditionally, there are four to six pallbearers at a funeral, depending on the weight of the coffin.

Should a son be a pallbearer for his father?

Whether it is a father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, cousin, husband, wife, or best friend, it is crucial that a pallbearer is emotionally, mentally and physically capable of carrying out the task. If any person is unfit mentally, emotionally or physically, they can serve as an honorary pallbearer.

Should family members be pallbearers?

Pallbearers are usually close family members and friends. Siblings, adult children, grown grandchildren, nieces and nephews, close friends, and colleagues are all common choices for pallbearers. Most people who you ask to serve as pallbearers will likely accept your offer.

How do they choose who carries the coffin?

The people you choose can be close family members and close friends of the deceased. It's better to pick individuals of the same height so that it's easier to carry the coffin and the weight is evenly distributed. There can be either 6 or 4 pallbearers depending on the weight of the casket.

Do you tip a pallbearer?

In some parts of the world, including the US, there's a custom of tipping funeral staff, such as drivers, pallbearers and grave diggers, but this is not the expectation in the UK. If you want to say a particular thank you, you can send a note or card after the funeral.

How strong do you need to be to be a pallbearer?

Or, you may have been selected because of your physical strength. Being a pallbearer requires that you help carry a heavy coffin at waist height with the help of five to seven other pallbearers. The weight of both the decedent and the casket varies but expect to help bear 300 pounds of weight or more.

How much do you tip a pallbearer?

Because these are volunteers who are close to the family or the deceased, it's not typical to tip. If you need to hire pallbearers, however, a small tip might be appropriate. If the hired pallbearers are not a part of the funeral staff, tipping anywhere from $5-15 is fair for this service.

How much weight does a pallbearer lift?

Pallbearers will have to carry the casket with the body inside, so they will have to transport the body's weight and the coffin. 370 to 400 pounds is the final weight that pallbearers will carry if the casket is standard sized, 200 pounds heavy, whereas the adult body is 200 pounds (male) or 170 pounds (female).

What do you put in a grandchildren casket?

Purchase a hinge spray or a small bouquet

You may also consider purchasing a hinge spray or a small bouquet to be placed inside the casket. Some grandchildren buy a small bouquet to place in their grandmother's hands. Some florists also offer flower-adorned pillows to be used inside a casket.

Who are considered honorary pallbearers for a funeral?

An honorary pallbearer is someone who will not actually carry the casket but is still recognized in some way. This title is usually used for older friends or relatives who might not be able to physically carry the casket.

Do you pay pallbearers at a funeral?


If you require assistance with pallbearers, the funeral home can help you hire the help needed. The pallbearers will expect payment for services rendered.

Why do they cover face before closing casket?

Over time, coffins underground will decompose and eventually collapse. Covering the face before closing the casket adds an extra layer of protection and dignity for the deceased's face and can act as a symbolic final goodbye.

Why is a casket carried feet first?

Foot always come first and not the head. The casket should always have the foot end towards the driver to be foot first when being driven in the car. It's a symbolic step, as it reminds us of a person walking. It's also made for practical reasons, as it will reduce the body's risk of purging.

Are caskets locked before burial?

However, there's often confusion around whether caskets are locked or not. So, do caskets lock? Almost all modern caskets are designed to lock. While some caskets use simple clasps, others use internal hexagonal locking mechanisms that require a key to open.

What happens if you have no pallbearers?

If You Haven't Selected Pallbearers

In these instances, you can work with your local funeral home to assign extra employees to help perform this service. You might also work with a local church to find senior church leaders or even youth who would be able to help.

What color do pallbearers wear?

Pallbearers need to dress appropriately. Unless the bereaved specify otherwise, men should wear dark, solid suits with white shirts and conservative ties, and women should wear dark pantsuits or dresses.

How are pallbearers decided?

The family usually chooses pallbearers who are close friends and knows the deceased well. If you are chosen to be a pallbearer, you should arrive at the church or funeral home thirty minutes early.

How many pallbearers is normal?

The traditional format regarding the number of pallbearers is 6, primarily due to the length of the standard casket, so that 3 people on either side can conveniently carry the casket. Most caskets have additional handles at each end which will accommodate 2 more bearers.

How heavy is a casket pallbearer?

Is Carrying a Coffin Heavy for Pallbearers? Yes, carrying a coffin can be burdensome for pallbearers. The body, casket, and hardware may weigh 400 pounds. If that weight is divided evenly among six pallbearers, each one is responsible for about 66 pounds.

Why do pallbearers leave their gloves on the casket?

As early as the 1700s, gloves were given to pallbearers by the deceased's family to handle the casket. They were a symbol of purity, and considered a symbol of respect and honor.