Is Aquaphor or Vaseline better for slugging?

We've already mentioned it above, but one of the best options for slugging is Aquaphor, which is especially good if you want something that's a tad lighter than Vaseline. Already a holy grail for people with dry skin, this is a fave slugging product for many, including Evans.

Is Aquaphor or Vaseline better for face?

Aquaphor tends to be a better moisturizer because it contains humectant ingredients and is occlusive, while Vaseline is only occlusive.

What is the best for slugging?

Petrolatum-based, healing ointments are recommended occlusives for slugging. Hadley King, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, says that these products, like Aquaphor, "include glycerin, lanolin, bisabolol, and mineral oil for additional hydrating, soothing, and barrier-supporting properties."

Is Vaseline or Aquaphor better for your lips?

On its own, Aquaphor is better because it has additional ingredients that add moisture to your lips. However, Vaseline also offers lip therapy variants with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter.

Is Aquaphor better for slugging?

Mark shares that while you can use any occlusive ointment with ingredients like jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil or shea butter, “thicker-based ointment products like Aquaphor are generally best for slugging.” If you're interested in slugging but don't know if a thicker product is right for you, many occlusive creams or ...


Do you wash the Vaseline off after slugging?

It consists of applying Vaseline petroleum jelly as an occlusive moisturizer to hydrate the skin and seal in moisture and your skin-care products overnight, and then washing it off with a gentle cleanser the next day.”

What should you not put under a slugging?

What type of products should you avoid when slugging? Dr. Parcells advises against using active ingredients, such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or retinoids when slugging at night.

Does Aquaphor clog pores on lips?

The makers of Aquaphor claim that their product does not clog pores (it's noncomedogenic), and so it shouldn't cause acne in people with dry to normal skin.

What are the side effects of Aquaphor?

Most emollients can be used safely and effectively with no side effects. However, burning, stinging, redness, or irritation may occur. If any of these effects last or get worse, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

What makes Aquaphor different from Vaseline?

Since the Aquaphor Healing Ointment contains ingredients other than just petroleum jelly (such as glycerin, panthenol and bisabolol) it boasts humectant properties, making it a better moisturizer than Vaseline. It is also better suited for treating tattoos, and marginally better for lip care.

What do Koreans use for slugging?

Slugging is an old technique that has been used for decades to moisturize the skin and heal eczematous or irritated skin. Essentially, for this, petroleum jelly is used as a mask.

What do dermatologists recommend for slugging?

What products should I use for slugging? Petrolatum, commonly known as petroleum jelly, is easy to find — just reach for a tub of Vaseline, or the GH Seal Star Aquaphor Healing Ointment. All three dermatologists recommend using either of the two for slugging.

Do you wash off slugging in the morning?

If you usually wash your face come morning, go ahead and do so, but it's not necessary to wash off your slugging product from the night before, she says. Either way, be sure to admire your gorgeously glowy new skin.

Is putting Aquaphor on your face at night good?

If you plan on using it all over the face it is best to use Aquaphor at night. This is a process called slugging, it helps lock in the products and promotes their benefits. Other ways to use Aquaphor include on the eyelashes and eyebrows, it can strengthen both and help them look shinier and healthier.

Why do dermatologists recommend Aquaphor?

You can use Aquaphor to help prevent scars.

"As a dermatologist, I use Aquaphor in the office after surgical procedures and biopsies to speed wound healing, improve scar appearance, and prevent scabbing," says Marchbein.

Should you put Aquaphor on your face every night?

Yes, you can apply Aquaphor on your face before going to bed. Is Aquaphor good for under eyes? Yes, you can apply a little bit of Aquaphor under your eyes to keep the skin plump and hydrated.

When should you not use Aquaphor?

Do not use this medicine on deep wounds, puncture wounds, animal bites, or serious burns. You may apply Aquaphor Healing as needed. First clean the area to be treated. Call your doctor if your symptoms do not improve after using this medicine for 7 days, or if your condition clears up and comes back.

Is it OK to use Aquaphor everyday?

I also use the Aquaphor lip balm and love it just as much. This product is in my every day beauty routine. The only problem with using this product as an every day lotion is the greasy aspect. It works great for super dry, cracked skin, but doesn't soak in completely.

When should I stop using Aquaphor?

AFTER 3 - 4 DAYS. After 3 or 4 days of using the Aquaphor ointment, you may notice small specks of color come off as you rub the ointment in. This is healing skin, and an indicator that you should stop using the Aquaphor as often.

Why you shouldn't use Vaseline on your lips?

If your lips are chapped to the point of bleeding, Vaseline that's been contaminated with bacteria from your fingers could cause an allergic reaction. Vaseline may clog pores around the mouth.

Can your lips become dependent on Aquaphor?

There's no good evidence that lip balm is chemically addictive — in that it causes withdrawal symptoms if you stop. And there's no evidence that it dries out your lips, forcing you to use more over time.

Does Aquaphor grow eyelashes?

Just like the hair on your head, the strands on your lids need TLC, too. Bowe recommends applying a hydrating product like Vaseline or Aquaphor before bed to soften lashes and prep them to grow longer and stronger. "Put it where you put eyeliner—not on your actual lashes," says Bowe.

Should you slug every night?

For best results, Dr. Que recommends using the slug life routine at night to ensure that your skin is as clean as possible before putting on your moisturizer. And Dr. Sisto says you can do it as frequently as every night if you wish.

How do you sleep while slugging?

Sleeping While Slugging
  1. Use a pillow protector.
  2. Try an old pillowcase that you don't care about as much.
  3. Place an old towel on top of your pillow.
  4. Avoid over-applying petroleum jelly to your face.

Does slugging with Vaseline clog pores?

Vaseline is typically used for slugging, and according to Dr. Michele, it's a great product because it's safe to use on sensitive skin and is "noncomedogenic." That means it shouldn't clog your pores. However, slugging is typically recommended for those with dry skin.