Is there a hidden world under Antarctica?

A “hidden world” discovered under the ice in Antarctica
He and other New Zealand scientists have just discovered an underwater ecosystem 500 metres under the Antarctic ice, in an estuary hundreds of kilometres from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, the largest ice barrier on the white continent.

Is there life underneath Antarctica?

In a new study, published Thursday in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, scientists suggest one of the most critical organisms in the Antarctic food web — microscopic phytoplankton like algae and bacteria — are thriving underneath sea ice.

What is hidden under the ice of Antarctica?

Scientists have found microbes underneath the ice of Antarctica and bacteria hiding right in the ice. Researchers aren't sure if it is a functional ecosystem or just disorganized hubs of life, but what they know is that the bacteria found in ice samples are old and date back to 420,000 years old.

What did scientists find under Antarctica?

'Never in a million years' would they have expected it, the lead scientist said. Scientists stumbled upon life under 3,000 feet of ice in Antarctica. They found two types of unidentified animals, where they had thought nothing could live.

Why are people not allowed to go to Antarctica?

Due to harsh conditions, extreme weather and no permanent population on the continent there are no regular passenger flights to Antarctica.

Filming Antarctica's Underwater Secret | Wild Stories | BBC Earth

Why can't planes fly over Antarctica?

The rough weather conditions and low visibility make it extremely difficult to fly and land a plane over the continent. It is technically possible to fly to Antarctica, but there are very few flights that take the risk of going there.

Why can't you pee in Antarctica?

No Peeing on Land

It's true! To further safeguard the wildlife and environment, vessel-based visitors are not permitted to go to the toilet (or eat), on land; even in the vicinity of research stations or historic sites.

Why is Antarctica No Man's land?

Antarctica would have no settlements, no population, and no government.

What is in the hole in Antarctica?

Scientists showed in previous research that ocean processes and cyclones contributed to the hole, called a polynya. But a recent study has revealed a new piece of the puzzle: atmospheric rivers. Most polynyas in the Southern Ocean occur along Antarctica's coast.

What was found in Antarctica recently?

In June 2022, an underwater ecosystem was discovered in a river beneath the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica. This discovery was made by New Zealand scientists when they drilled through the shelf and filmed the icy water below. The video footage revealed shrimp-like creatures swimming about in their underwater habitat.

What's buried beneath Antarctica?

Antarctica is hiding a huge amount of water beneath its surface. Researchers have long suspected that there might be groundwater buried beneath the ice, but until now there has been no conclusive evidence to confirm that suspicion.

Can you go to Antarctica without permission?

The Antarctic Treaty does not prevent tourists, military personnel or scientific researchers from being present in Antarctica - but they do require an appropriate permit from a Treaty Party.

Why can't people permanently live in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the only continent with no native population. There is still no permanent human settlement, due to the unforgiving climate and terrain, although a few thousand people are located there on a temporary basis at one of the many research stations.

Can I buy land in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the only place on the planet where the land isn't officially owned by anyone. A few countries have made land claims (for more about this, see the information box on the next page), but those claims aren't officially recognized and don't cover the entire continent.

What is the number 1 predator in Antarctica?

Leopard seal

Famous for their fierce nature, these animals are one of the primary predators in Antarctica, using their powerful jaws and long teeth to hunt fish, squid, penguins and even other seals.

Was there babies born in Antarctica?

Eleven babies have been born in Antarctica, and none of them died as infants. Antarctica therefore has the lowest infant mortality rate of any continent: 0%. What's crazier is why the babies were born there in the first place. These weren't unplanned births.

Did dinosaurs once live in Antarctica?

Animal fossils

Dinosaurs lived in Antarctica and are well known from the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, although few have been described formally. They include ankylosaurs (the armoured dinosaurs), mosasaurs and plesiosaurs (both marine reptilian groups).

Does it stink in Antarctica?

Oddly enough, there are very few smells in Antarctica. Ice and snow have no smell, and in the cold temperatures, everyday objects hold onto their aromatic chemicals. So that when you stumble into an aroma, it stands out like a black volcanic rock on a snowfield.

What happens if you get pregnant in Antarctica?

(see below). In the event that someone might become pregnant whilst serving on a trip in the Antarctic or Arctic they will be evacuated as soon as is practically possible. Anyone who deliberately conceals pregnancy is putting themselves, the baby, and other base members potentially at significant risk.

Why can't you touch a penguin?

It should really go without saying, but you cannot go around touching the penguins. Penguins are tiny birds that are susceptible to human interference, and the last thing they want are some annoying touros getting down into their nests and trying to pick them up.

Are there pictures of Antarctica from space?

Viral image isn't photo of Antarctica from space, but it was created by NASA. A viral social media post claimed to post a real photo of Antarctica as seen from space. It's not a photo, but it uses NASA satellites to show sea ice cover.

Is there hotels in Antarctica?

Many people are surprised to discover there are actually no hotels in Antarctica. Regardless of the total absence of hotels in the Antarctic, it is possible to stay on the continent. These Antarctic hotel alternatives range from luxury lodges to comfortable campsites.