What does Buggah mean in Hawaii?

3. Buggah. Definition: Person, usually male.

What is the slang in Hawaii?

Hawaiian slang is referred to linguistically as Hawaiian Pidgin or Hawaiian Pidgin English. However, despite the name, Hawaiian slang is technically a creole—an entirely new language derived from two or more separate languages. Also known as a patois.

How do you say bro in Hawaiian?

Why do Hawaiians say brah? Brah is slang for brother and refers to any other male person, not just one's brothers by blood relation. Brah is the equivalent of dude in American slang.

What do Hawaiians call their friends?

Hoaloha (hō'-ă-lō'-na), n.

A friend; a beloved companion.

How do you swear in Hawaiian?

Some of the following words and phases are used by Hawaiians and locals alike.
  1. okole - butt or bottom.
  2. puka -hole.
  3. kukae - feces.
  4. kapulu- filthy,
  5. niele - nosy, busybody.
  6. babooz - idiot.
  7. lolo -crazy, stupid.
  8. beef - to fight or scap someone.

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What do Hawaiians call girls?

Wahine. What does wahine mean in Hawaiian? Wahine is the Hawaiian word for female/woman and you may see it as a sign on a bathroom door.

How do you say crazy in Hawaii?

Man 2: Kden. A Hawaiian language word meaning dumb, goofy or crazy.

What is Hawaiian word for love?

Aloha can be used to say “Hello” or “Goodbye.” and it has a deeper meaning to the Hawaiian people. Aloha also means kindness, love and affection.

How do you say kiss in Hawaii?

Then there is the Honi. In short, honi, means to kiss. The gravity of the honi in the Hawaiian culture is often unknown to visitors, which, in my opinion is a shame. It's a beautiful act of love and respect between two people.

What means Faka?

Faka' is often used to greet each other. The term 'Faka' is an abbreviation of 'Fawaka' and has its roots in Surinam, meaning 'how's it going? 'It often appears in Dutch rap and is very popular among teens.

How do you say mom in Hawaii?

Your makuahine would be your mother while your māmā would be your aunt. “Aunty” is also commonly used in Hawaii. The same would be true for your father and your uncle. Your father would be your makua kāne while your uncle would be your pāpā.

What do Hawaiians call their kids?

keiki (plural keikis) (Hawaii) A child or offspring.

What do Hawaiians call their dads?

"Makuakāne” the Hawaiian word for father, daddy, dad, or pa.

Why do Hawaiians say Chee Hoo?

Chee comes from the word Cheehoo, a Hawaiian slang originating from the Samoa culture. It is a term that is often used around family and friends in a positive light. “Cheehoo!” is exclaimed when you are celebrating or if something is exciting. The term is most similar to terms like woohoo, yee-haw, or wahoo.

What do Hawaiians call locals?

Kamaʻāina (Hawaiian: kamaʻāina, lit. 'child or person of the land') is a word describing Hawaii residents regardless of their racial background, as opposed to kanaka which means a person of Native Hawaiian ancestry.

How do Hawaiians say sorry?

"The word "sorry" cannot be translated in to the ancient Hawaiian language," he says. "What you would say is, "please forgive me," and the exact Hawaiian phrase is e kala mai i a`u."

What does Pepe mean in Hawaii?

baby (very young child)

What's the Hawaiian word for beautiful?

The Hawaiian word for beautiful is nani [nah-nee]. In case no one's told you today, nani no ʻoe – you are beautiful.

How do you say happy in Hawaii?

—Happy, glad, gay, joyful; happiness, enjoyment, joy.

How do I respond to Mahalo?

3. 'A' ole pilikia – You're welcome/ No problem. If someone says 'Mahalo' to you, this is the phrase to respond with.

What are 5 valid Hawaiian words?

5 Common Hawaiian Words
  • Aloha. Commonly used as a greeting and farewell, both hello and goodbye. ...
  • Mahalo. This word means “thank you”. ...
  • Ono. When something is ono it is “delicious”. ...
  • Pono. There is no true English translation of pono. ...
  • Ohana. Ohana means family, It also describes close friends and communities.

What should you not say in Hawaii?

1) Don't Say You're from America

Hawaii is not a stand-alone country. It may be far away from the mainland, but Hawaii is part of the United States of America. The island territory became the 50th State of the U.S. on August 21, 1959. Instead, you can say that you are from the mainland.

What do you call a cowboy in Hawaii?

Even before the mythology of the cowboy in the American "wild west" became popularized, Hawaiian cowboys (paniolo) were wrangling longhorn cattle on Hawaiʻi Island.