What is a crunchy mom?

I learned that the definition of a “crunchy mom” is a mom who practices natural parenting or, as defined by one website, a “neo-hippie.” So basically if you are a crunchy mom, you typically give birth at home (or in a meadow or river or something), cloth-diaper your babes, prepare all your own organic baby foods, co- ...

What is the opposite of a crunchy mom?

If you're unfamiliar with the term, a "silky" mom would grab disposable diapers over reusable, bottle feed over breastfeed, and typically relies on medical professionals instead of natural remedies. In other words, a silky mom is the opposite of a "crunchy" mom.

What is a crunchy mom vs silky mom?

Silky moms are typically seen as moms who ascribe to western medicine, use disposable diapers, and don't see anything wrong with iPads, fast food and other modern conveniences. Crunchy moms are typically seen as taking a more holistic approach.

What is a slushy mom?

If you haven't yet heard the term “scrunchy mom,” it's basically the word coined to describe moms who are a mixture of both silky and crunchy moms. Silky mamas embrace all things modern like medicine (hello, medicated births), formula feed their babies and use disposable diapers.

What does a granola mom mean?

In ages gone by, the term granola mom was used to describe the kind of mama that made homemade granola for their kids and used essential oils to medicate most ailments. It's associated with hippy culture, and while it's not as much in use anymore, it does have a descendant.

Crunchy, silky, and scrunchy moms...what are they?

What is a dolphin mom?

My mom was a Dolphin Mom, which means she was a collaborative (authoritative) parent. She was not a controlling (authoritarian) Tiger Mom, or a indulging (permissive) Jellyfish Mom.

What does Panda mom mean?

According to Yahoo!, panda parenting is all about “gently guiding your little one, as opposed to shoving them down the parenting path”. In other words, a panda parent is one who gives their kids the freedom to do things their own way.

What is a green mom?

The research reflects the need to appreciate that "green mothers" is an expansive term that encompasses women with widely varying degrees of consumption, commitment to green issues, eco-knowledge, and motivation to be green. The Profiles.

What is a unicorn mom?

Urban Dictionary, the online home for slang words and phrases, defines unicorn mom as: "a mother who's not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humor and couldn't care less what you think."

What's a koala mom?

Koala parenting promotes a close attachment between parents and their children from birth. More formally known as attachment parenting, the name koala parenting comes from the idea that parents who practice attachment parenting frequently hold their child, similar to how mother koalas hold onto their children.

What are the types of Mama?

The Different Types of Moms
  • Fancy Mom. Fancy mom is in high heels, her makeup looks perfect, and you want to know where she bought her clothes. ...
  • Pajama Mom. She's comfy, cozy, and maybe doesn't match, but she doesn't care. ...
  • Coffee Mom. ...
  • Cell Phone Mom. ...
  • Photo Taking Mom. ...
  • Hovering Mom. ...
  • Peter Pan Mom. ...
  • Loner Mom.

What is a hot mess mom?

Published Feb 9, 2021. + Follow. For many of us, it's easy to fall in love with the 'hot mess' mom. The mom who leaves her house in pajamas, has misbehaving kids, and no plans for dinner. We love that.

What is a Disney mom?

What is a Disneyland Parent? By definition, a Disneyland parent is a non-custodial parent who indulges their child with gifts and good times during visitation, and leaves most of all disciplinary responsibilities to the other parent.

What is a sandwich mom?

"Sandwich moms" are likely to bear the brunt of the ravages of this storm. These are the women who serve multiple roles as caregivers for their children, spouses, and, increasingly, their parents.

What is silky parenting?

And let's not forget crunchy parenting (cloth diapers, wooden toys made from non-toxic, sustainable materials) and silky parenting (disposable diapers, sleep training, epidural during birth). Now, social media is adding another one to the mix: "scrunchy." The word is a hybrid of "crunchy" and "silky" styles.

What is a crunchy wife?

Someone who is generally described as crunchy usually does at least one of the following, but usually more: Breastfeeds beyond 6 months and often times beyond one year. Cosleeps. Wears their baby.

What's a dragon mom?

Dragon moms are defined as moms who have children who are terminally ill. The name comes from an essay by Emily Rapp, where she discusses being the mother of a child with Tay-Sachs disease, a terminal condition that keeps many from walking and talking for many years, according to huffpost.com.

What is a unicorn husband?

“Unicorn” describes a person who joins a couple as their third partner, for sex or even for something more committed.

What makes a helicopter parent?

The meaning of helicopter parenting is loosely defined as parenting that pays excessive attention to children's every move and experience. Helicopter parents are highly involved, overprotective parents who tirelessly oversee every aspect of their children's lives and sometimes even act on their behalf.

What are Twilight moms?

Pretty much just what it sounds like: a mom who self-identifies as a hardcore Twilight fanatic. There are Facebook groups and whole websites where like-minded moms can dish about the series together.

What is a neo mom?

The Effectiveness of Nutrition Education for Overweight/Obese Mother with Stunted Children (NEO-MOM) in Reducing the Double Burden of Malnutrition. Nutrients.

What is a bunny mom?

An older woman responsible for training and managing bunny girls.

What is a Chinese mother?

From Chua's perspective, “Chinese mothers” are any parents who value their children's achievement over their children's self-esteem, and who believe it is their responsibility to ensure this achievement.

What means Tiger Mom?

(North American English, informal tiger mom ) ​a very strict mother who makes her child work very hard at school, and at other activities such as music, in order to be successful This phrase was first used to describe the strict style of bringing up children thought to be typical of parents in China and East Asia.

What's the meaning Tiger Mom?

(UK also tiger mum); (US also tiger mom) a mother who is very determined that her child should be successful and makes them work very hard.
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