What veggies can rabbits eat?

Vegetables: A rabbit's favorite foods
  • Bell peppers.
  • Bok choy.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Carrot tops.
  • Cucumber.
  • Endive.
  • Escarole.
  • Fennel.

What vegetables rabbits should not eat?

What can rabbits not eat? These foods are poisonous for your rabbit and could make her ill: Potatoes, daffodils, tulips, rhubarb, lillies, mushrooms, avocado, broad beans, sweet peas, buttercup, kidney beans, jasmine, foxglove and iceberg lettuce.

What fruits and veggies can rabbits eat?

The best foods for a rabbit
  • Asparagus.
  • Bok Choy.
  • Brussel Sprouts.
  • Broccoli leaves.
  • Celery.
  • Collard Greens.
  • Cauliflower leaves and stalks.
  • Chicory.

What vegetables are the best for rabbits?

Leafy Greens
  • Parsley.
  • Spinach.
  • Mustard greens.
  • Beet greens.
  • Swiss chard.
  • Radish tops.
  • Sprouts (from 1 to 6 days after sprouting, sprouts have higher levels of alkaloids)

What foods are poisonous to rabbits?

  • Avocados. Though an excellent, healthy snack for humans, avocados contain a compound called persin which can be dangerously toxic to rabbits. ...
  • Chocolate. ...
  • Fruit Seeds/Pits. ...
  • Raw Onions, Leeks, Garlic. ...
  • Meat, Eggs, Dairy. ...
  • Broad Beans and Kidney Beans. ...
  • Rhubarb. ...
  • Iceberg Lettuce.

Vegetables and Fruits That Will Kill Your Rabbit

Can rabbits eat cucumbers?

Yes, it is safe for rabbits to eat cucumber! Most rabbits will love the fresh taste. Rabbits can also eat cucumber leaves. Before feeding cucumber to your rabbit, wash it in cold water to remove pesticides.

What veg can rabbits eat daily?

Leafy greens daily

Rabbits must have an adult-sized handful of safe, washed leafy green vegetables, herbs and weeds daily.

What should a rabbit eat daily?

Fresh hay should make up the bulk of your rabbit's diet and needs to be readily available at all times. Adult rabbits can eat timothy, grass, and oat hays, while younger rabbits should be fed alfalfa. Alfalfa should not be given to adult rabbits because of the higher protein and sugar content.

Do rabbits need vegetables everyday?

General feeding recommendations are around 1 cup of dark, leafy greens per 2 pounds of a rabbit's body weight daily.

Can bunnies eat celery?

Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables for rabbits to eat. It's packed with nutrients such as vitamins C, A, B6, iron, and fiber. But it shouldn't be eaten in excess, so only offer your rabbit a small piece per day. Celery should be cut up into small pieces, as long celery strings can cause digestive problems.

Can rabbits eat raw carrots?

Reality: carrots shouldn't be a main source of food. Rabbits don't naturally eat root vegetables or fruit. Carrots and fruit are high in sugar and should only be fed in small amounts as occasional treats. Rabbits need mainly hay and/or grass, some leafy greens and a small, measured amount of pellets.

What fruits can I feed my rabbit daily?

Which fruits can rabbits eat?
  • Apple (not the pips - they are poisonous!)
  • Apricot.
  • Banana (high in potassium)
  • Blackberries (and leaves – excellent astringent properties)
  • Blueberries.
  • Cherries (not the pits and plant - they contain cyanide and are therefore poisonous!)
  • Grapes.
  • Kiwi Fruit.

Can rabbits eat broccoli?

Do not give broccoli to rabbits. It will give them painful gas. Never give your rabbit kale or spinach. Kale and spinach can cause health problems over time, due to the high amount of oxalates and goitrogens.

Are carrots good for rabbits?

Rabbit owners are being urged to feed their pets carrots as an occasional treat only. Vets say they contain too much sugar to be healthy. Read more on what can rabbits not eat.

What salad can rabbits eat?

Romaine lettuce and lamb's lettuce are safe for rabbits. The darker the leaves, the healthier it will be. Butterhead lettuce is fine, but it's high in acids. Do not feed a rabbit iceberg lettuce as it contains excessive amounts of lactucarium, which is toxic for rabbits in high doses.

Is banana good for rabbits?

Health Benefits of Bananas for Rabbits

If your rabbit tolerates it, 2 tablespoons of fruit per 5 pounds of body weight, can add more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your pet's diet. Bananas are a rich source of nutrients that rabbits require for their growth and development.

Can a rabbit survive without vegetables?

While it is largely assumed that rabbits need only carrots and lettuce to survive, this simply isn't true. As with any other animal, rabbits need a whole rounded diet that includes various nutrients, such as lettuce and carrots.

What is the best fruit for rabbits?

  • Treats should be healthy foods too, and only given in very small amounts, such as when training (e.g. teaching your bunny to use the litter box).
  • Good treats are small amounts of fruit such as strawberries, bananas, raspberries, pineapple pieces, apples without seeds, and melons.

How many times a day should a rabbit be fed?

Fresh food – an adult-sized handful of leafy greens, vegetables and herbs twice daily. Nuggets – just one tablespoon of rabbit nuggets once daily (or twice daily if your rabbits weigh over 3.5kg). Water – constant access to clean, fresh drinking water.

Can rabbits eat apple skin?

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Skin? Apple skin is the most nutritious part of an apple for rabbits. Most of the fiber and antioxidants in apples are found in their skin. Just be sure to wash your apples thoroughly to remove any pesticides and chemicals before feeding them to your rabbits.

Can bunnies eat grapes?

Grapes aren't toxic to rabbits, and you can feed them to your rabbit occasionally. “Grapes contain a small amount of fiber, B vitamins and vitamin K, which may be beneficial to rabbits,” Dr. Burch told The Dodo. The fiber and water content of grapes can help your rabbit's digestion.

Can rabbits eat raw vegetables?

Rabbits should be fed a mix of hay, fresh vegetables and commercial pellets. “Hay and grass should make up much of your rabbit's diet, as they contain indigestible fiber that's vital for your rabbit's gastro-intestinal health,” says Ian Nicholson, a small animal surgery specialist with Calder Vets in England.

Can rabbits have cucumbers everyday?

Rabbits can safely eat cucumber flesh, skin, and seeds. However, cucumber contains few nutrients and has a high water content. It can cause diarrhea if eaten in excess. Feed rabbits cucumber in moderation, such as a thin slice 2-3 times per week.

Can bunnies eat tomatoes?

Can rabbits eat tomatoes as an occasional treat? Yes, but there are a couple things you should know first. Tomatoes do have some health benefits (they're a great source of vitamins A and C) — but they're also high in sugar. As a result, as with all fruits and vegetables, a small amount is key.

Can bunnies eat bell peppers?

Vegetables that can be fed to a rabbit daily: Bell peppers. Bok choy. Brussels sprouts.