When were McDonald's burgers 15 cents?

In 1948, you could get a McDonald's burger for just 15 cents. At the original McDonald's locations, before Ray Kroc revolutionized the company and founded what we know as McDonald's today in 1955, a burger cost just 15 cents.

How much did a McDonalds hamburger cost in 1955?

In 1955, a McDonald's cheeseburger was only $0.19, reports the Chicago Tribune. Today, it costs $1, and a double cheeseburger is $1.59. Say what you will about McDonald's other menu items, but it's hard to complain about its fries — which are arguably priceless.

How much was a hamburger at McDonalds in 1970?

In 1970, your burger cost an average of $0.18.

In inflated August 2018 prices, that $0.18 average burger cost would equal $1.20.

How much was a McDonalds hamburger in the 80s?

1981 was the last time the price of a burger and fries jumped as much as we're seeing in 2022, when you look at changes year over year. Back then, a Big Mac from McDonald's would set you back $1.30. Today, the popular menu item averages around $6, just for the sandwich, which is a 7% increase compared to 2021.

How much were McDonalds hamburgers in 1973?

1973: Quarter Pounder®

The 4-ounce all-beef patty, topped with ketchup, mustard, slivered onions and two dill pickles served on a sesame seed bun, sold for 60 cents. For an extra 10 cents, you could upgrade to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Ray Kroc visits McDonald's for the first time – The Founder (2016)

How much did a McDonalds hamburger cost in 1950?

At the first McDonald's location, every item cost less than 25 cents and hamburgers were only 15 cents.

How much were McDonalds hamburgers in 1965?

1960s: 45 cents

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How much was a Big Mac in the 70s?

The Big Mac debuted at the McDonald's owned by Delligatti in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, on April 22, 1967, selling for US$0.45 (equivalent to $3.66 in 2021).

How much was a Big Mac in 1970?

Prices at a 1970s McDonalds: French Fries - $0.26 Big Mac - $0.65 Coke - $0.15 With the inflation we're experiencing now, what will the prices be in 2030?

When were McDonalds burgers 59 cents?

Every Wednesday and Sunday, McDonald's offers hamburgers for 59 cents and cheeseburgers for 69 cents. On Mondays, you can get an order of McNuggets for 99 cents. Don't miss another food deal!

What were McDonald's prices in 1972?

Can you guess how much these items at McDonalds cost in 1972?
  • Big Mac. Wikipedia. 50¢ 65¢ ...
  • Large French Fries. McDonald's. 46¢ 55¢ ...
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Wikipedia. 30¢ 50¢ ...
  • Vanilla Milkshake. Fox News. 35¢ 48¢ ...
  • Coffee. Huffington Post. 5¢ 10¢ ...
  • Cheeseburger. McDonald's. 27¢ 33¢ ...
  • Filet-O-Fish. Wikipedia. 48¢ ...
  • Apple Pie. Wikipedia. 26¢

How much was a Whopper in 1972?

“And now, 64 years later, we're excited to celebrate our beloved burger by offering The Whopper for its original price of 37 cents exclusively to Royal Perks members.”

What were McDonalds prices in 1975?

At the first McDonald's location, every item cost less than 25 cents and hamburgers were only 15 cents.

How much were McDonalds hamburgers in 1968?

16 brings Big Mac prices back to the 1968 cost of 49 cents. The campaign is part of new chief executive Jack Greenberg's efforts to keep the world's largest fast-food chain on top.

How much was a Happy Meal in 1980?

Still lovin' those Happy Meals. $1.10 -- Cost of the first Happy Meal, introduced in 1979 as the Circus Wagon Happy Meal. It included a burger, fries, drink, McDonaldland cookies and penny toys such as a McDoodler stencil or a McDonald's character eraser.

How much was a Big Mac in 1986?

The price of a Big Mac has risen from $1.60 in 1986 to $5.65 today.

How much was a McDonald's hamburger in 1999?

When David Whipple bought a McDonald's hamburger on July 7, 1999, the burger cost 79 cents and Bill Clinton was president. Today, 14 years later, another Clinton is eyeing the presidency, not much can be purchased for less than $1, and Whipple still has his hamburger, which looks practically the same.

How much was a McDonald's hamburger in 1998?

The Big Mac And Your Financial Health: Rising Burger Prices Show A Worrying Trend. The rise in the price of a Big Mac is faster than the official rise in consumer prices and has been since the late 90's. In 1998, the average price of a Big Mac was about $2.50. Today, the average Big Mac is $4.33.

How much were McDonald's hamburgers in 1962?

Gas was about 30 cents a gallon. Normal size portions back then. I worked at McDonald's in 1962, Those were not the prices where I worked. Cheeseburgers were 19c, fries 10c, shakes 20c, coke/root beer/orange sodas 10c and 15c, coffee and milk 10c.

How much was a Big Mac in 2000?

Line chart showing the average price of a Big Mac in the U.S. from 2000 to 2022 in March 2022 dollars. In 2022, the price of a Big Mac is $5.93 in March 2022 dollars. In 2000, it was $4.23 in March 2022 dollars.

How much was a Big Mac in 1955?

But it was Kroc's McDonald's that became a worldwide sensation. Kroc took out an ad in the Des Plaines Journal touting 15-cent hamburgers, 19-cent cheeseburgers, and 10-cent french fries and sodas.

What year were hamburgers 5 cents?

Burgers were 5 cents in 1921 and that price was reduced and increased over the next several years. You may remember a big jump in December of 1950 when burgers went from 10 cents to 12. White Castle was the first hamburger chain founded in Wichita, Kansas.

When were burgers 10 cents?

In the 1950s McDonalds sold hamburgers for ten cents, what was considered average middle class wages for the 1950s?

When was a Big Mac 65 cents?

And finally, how about these McDonald's prices in the spring of 1972? Big Mac, 65 cents. Quarter-pounder, with cheese, 70 cents. Milkshakes, 35 cents.

How much did a Big Mac cost in 1985?

The Big Mac Value Pack, precursor to today's Extra Value Meal, sold for $2.59 in 1985 (opens in new tab), which amounts to $6.09 in 2018. Even adjusted for inflation that's still not enough to buy the large Big Mac Extra Value Meal today, which sells for $8.