Which admiral is Penny's dad?

Penny was the daughter of the Admiral the Pete fooled around with in the original “Top Gun.” She now owns The Hard Deck bar near the Top Gun naval base in San Diego. She remembers Pete as well as he remembers her, although she married someone else and now has a daughter. Her husband remarried, so she is single.

Is Penny the Maverick admiral's daughter?

The sequel sees Maverick, now decades into his career, wooing a bar owner (and daughter of an admiral) named Penny Benjamin. Here's what to know about Maverick's love interest.

Who is the admiral in Top Gun 1986?

Top Gun (1986) - James Tolkan as Stinger - IMDb.

Is Pennys daughter Mavericks daughter?

Amelia Benjamin is character in the feature film, Top Gun: Maverick. She is Penny Benjamin's daughter.

How do Penny and Maverick know each other?

Penny is Maverick's on-again, off-again love in Top Gun: Maverick. While in the first film he was romantically involved with Charlie, a civilian liaison at the Top Gun Fighter School, he's since moved on decades later. Now, he's linked to Penny, a divorced single mom who owns a bar near the Top Gun school.

Top Gun: Maverick || Who is Penny Benjamin?

What did Maverick whisper into Penny's ear?

This causes Goose to lean over to Maverick and whisper the name "Penny Benjamin" into his ear. She's brought up again by Goose's wife (Meg Ryan), who said Goose told her about "the time you went ballistic with Penny Benjamin."

Is Amelia Maverick's daughter?

Amelia Benjamin is Penny's daughter. She loves her mother and has a good rapport with Maverick. With the stranger nature of Penny and Maverick's relationship, Amelia simply wants what's best for her mother.

Does Maverick mention Penny in Top Gun?

The only mention of Penny Benjamin before Top Gun: Maverick comes in a throwaway line during the original movie.

Is Maverick the same girl?

Despite the absence of the female characters from the first film, Tom Cruise's Maverick has a new love interest in the form of single mother and bar owner Penny, played by Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly.

Did Maverick end up with the girl?

And Maverick flies off into the sunset with his girl. Overall, everyone gets the closure they deserve 36 years after Goose's tragic death.

Who was the admiral in 1st Top Gun?

'Top Gun: Maverick' classic scene: Ed Harris held steady as jet 'blew the roof off guard station'
  • "Top Gun: Maverick" features Admiral Chester "Hammer" Cain getting buzzed by an F-18.
  • Ed Harris was not blown away in the scene that took the roof off a set guard station.

Is Penny the generals daughter in Top Gun?

Penny is the daughter of a former admiral and she is actually mentioned in Top Gun by Commander Tom "Stinger" Jordan, who is Nick "Goose" Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards) and Bill "Cougar" Cortell's (John Stockwell) commanding officer.

Is hangman the son of Iceman?

Glen Powell's mysterious Top Gun: Maverick character might be the son of Val Kilmer's Tom "Iceman" Kazanksy. Known as Hangman, the character is one of the new pilot trainees that will enter TOPGUN academy in the much-anticipated Top Gun sequel.

Who was the admiral's daughter Maverick slept with?

One thing that has changed, however, is who plays the love interest to Tom Cruise's Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. The sequel sees Maverick, now decades into his career, wooing a bar owner (and daughter of an admiral) named Penny Benjamin.

Is Maverick a captain or LT?

United States Naval Aviator Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell and his Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) Lieutenant Junior Grade Nick "Goose" Bradshaw, stationed in the Indian Ocean aboard the USS Enterprise, fly the F-14A Tomcat.

Is Maverick a flying ace?

He and Rooster embrace on the runway, showing their relationship has improved, and Rooster has forgiven Maverick for pulling his papers. Phoenix remarks that Maverick has achieved "flying ace" status, having shot down five enemy aircraft; three MiGs 30 years prior, along with two Su-57s during the operation.

Did Maverick ask Penny to marry him?

After all, he's got no wife and kids to mourn him. Maverick takes these words to heart and promptly proposes to Penny.

Are there any female Top Gun pilots?

But little of the chatter has mentioned one of the film's most significant achievements: the inclusion of a fighter pilot nicknamed “Phoenix,” played by Monica Barbaro. Phoenix is, significantly, not a love interest.

Why Meg Ryan not in Top Gun 2?

Meg Ryan Was Not Asked to Return

Top Gun: Maverick paid homage to its 1986 predecessor, but the film wasn't interested in bringing everything back from Maverick's past. Director Joseph Kosinski told Insider that the return of both Ryan and Kelly McGillis was never even considered during development.

Who was Penny in Top Gun 1?

Here's the lowdown on Penny Benjamin. Kelly McGillis' Charlie was one of the big reasons the 1985 blockbuster Top Gun worked so well. A smart, capable woman in an era of token girlfriends, she brought a surprising sense of equality to her relationship with Tom Cruise's Maverick.

What are they chanting when they throw Maverick out of the bar?

“I'm afraid rules are rules,” she says, ringing the bell once more, causing everybody at the bar to chant “Overboard!

Is there an Easter Egg in Top Gun?

There's an intentional Easter egg in “Top Gun: Maverick”, and if you caught it, Tom Cruise would be quite impressed. A guy's yell from the volleyball scene in the first “Top Gun” was sampled and used in the football scene in the new movie.

Who was Maverick's wingman after Goose died?

Sundown is first seen at the bar when LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell & LTJG Nick "Goose" Bradshaw sing to Charlotte "Charlie" Blackwood. He briefly sang solo to Charlie, with adequate talent. He was later temporarily assigned as Maverick's RIO shortly after Goose's death.

Why can't Iceman talk?

Val Kilmer can't speak because, like his character Iceman, he has also battled throat cancer in real life. Though the actor has succeeded in beating the condition, the effects of the disease and his numerous surgeries to combat it have unfortunately severely impacted his ability to speak.

Who is Iceman's wife?

Sarah Kazansky is character in the feature film, Top Gun: Maverick. She is ADM Tom "Iceman" Kazansky's wife.