Who is greater than God?

The riddle: What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich don't need it, And if you eat it, you'll die? The answer to the riddle is "nothing." Nothing is greater than God. Nothing is more evil than the Devil.

What do poor people have rich people need?

The answer to the riddle is – nothing. To explain it better in context, you will need to place the word 'nothing' in the riddle which then reads like this: Nothing is greater than God.

What starts with the letter T is filled with T?

10 Answers


What is easy to get in and hard to get out?

What is easy to get into, but hard to get out of? Scroll down to find the answer. Answer: Trouble!

What belongs to you but is used by everyone you meet?

55. What belongs to you but is used by everyone you meet? Answer: Your name.

Buffalo Souljah - No man bigger than God (Official Video)

What can run but Cannot walk?

talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but. never sleeps? Answer: A River!

What disappears once you say it?

There is silence until and unless any kind of sound is made but it fades or disappears as soon as something is said or a sound been made that breaks the silence. Even when the word 'silence' is uttered, silence remains no more and disappears.

What gets broken without being touched?

A promise cannot be touched but it can be broken. Hence, the answer to the riddle is 2) promise.

What gets wet while drying?

What gets wet while drying? The answer is: A towel.

What seed has 3 letters?

A Pea is a word of three letters, it is appeared as a seed. When we take out last two words from 'Pea', we get 'P'. Here, the pronunciation of 'Pea' and 'P' is quite same. Hence, the answer to this riddle is 'Pea'.

What is at end of a rainbow?

Many different things could be at the end of a rainbow but the one that can be the most common is gold. Most people believe that gold is at the end because you should receive it for finding it and for putting in the work for it.

What has teeth but Cannot bite?

What has teeth but doesn't bite? A comb!

What has a face and 2 hands?

A clock.

What are signs of being poor?

11 Signs You Might Be Broke
  • You're living paycheck to paycheck. ...
  • You have credit-card debt. ...
  • You have student-loan debt. ...
  • You have a monthly car payment. ...
  • Your income dictates your lifestyle. ...
  • You aren't saving for the future. ...
  • You're not healthy. ...
  • Your relationships are suffering.

What does being poor look like?

“Inadequate resources, struggling to meet the genuine needs of yourself and your dependents.” “Poverty to me looks like a lack of the necessities of life — food, water, shelter, and health care — or a difficulty in obtaining any of those things due to financial restrictions.”

At what point are you considered poor?

The family's 2021 poverty threshold (below) is $33,148.

What can speak without a mouth?

An echo speaks without a mouth and hears without ears. It comes alive with wind. Hence, 'An echo' is the required answer to this riddle.

What has keys but no lock?

I have keys but no locks answer

The answer to the social media puzzle is Keyboard. If you read the question carefully, you will notice that the keyboard has keys but no locks.

What has a face but can't smile?

Riddle: What has hands and a face, but can't hold anything or smile? Answer: A clock. 3.

Which flies have no wings?

The answer to the “what flies without wings” riddle is “time”.

What has legs but doesn't walk?

What has four legs and one back but can't walk? Chair.

What gets bigger and bigger?

There is only one word to this riddle's solution. 'HOLE' is the correct answer. If you keep removing more from any substance, whether it's cloth, wall, wood, or anything else, the hole will only get wider and bigger.

What causes someone to disappear?

The reasons for going missing are many and varied and can include mental illness, miscommunication, misadventure, domestic violence, and being a victim of crime. While there are inherent risks attached to any missing event, specific population groups are recognised as particularly vulnerable to harm while missing.

What is broken when you mention its name?

What is broken if you mention its name brainly? Answer: This question is a riddle and the answer for what disappears as soon as you say its name is silence.

What turns everything around but doesn't move?

The correct answer to this question is Mirror. A mirror is an instrument that turns the things around. It cannot move at all, as it is a non living thing.