10 Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Practical


Every time I see photos of kitchens I get stuck dreaming … I would like to have everything! But we don’t always have the budget to do it. Luckily there are many beautiful and inexpensive ideas that we can implement to turn our kitchen into that space we dream of.

Every day they invent something new and I love all of these. Tell me which one is your favorite!

1. Baskets-Trays
I love this idea to keep spices, oil, vinegar etc in a more organized way and not “loose” on the top or inside a cabinet. Get one big enough to fit everything in an organized way but without taking up a lot of space

2. Simple baskets
If you have some open shelves in your kitchen or on the island, then you can put some simple wicker baskets there. They are very useful for vegetables, fruits or whatever you want!

3. Keep potatoes hidden
I know that maybe it seems to you or something unimportant, but for me it is a bummer not having a place to store potatoes or onions. I have no choice but to keep them in the fridge and we all know that they last less there and that they should be stored outside. I really like this idea of ​​this kind of pull-out drawers with baskets inside. Another problem solved 🙂

4. An original drawer just for utensils
Having a drawer for kitchen utensils is very common, I know. But it’s usually very small and everything is crammed together and every time you need to get something out you have to dig to find the one you’re looking for (usually it’s at the bottom – haha ​​Murphy’s law of the kitchen). But if we opt for a deep drawer like this one, we will know exactly where everything is.

5. A small mobile island
Having a kitchen island with wheels is very practical, especially if the kitchen is small so you can move it from here to there without problems. To get the most out of your island, we can include some drawers or compartments to store other things (which we always have others) Here you can see several models of mobile islands and buy them!

6. Built-in garbage containers
Nobody wants to see our garbage can when they enter the kitchen. I am the first to hide them when I have guests at home. A system like this takes away the problem of having it in sight. It is basically a deep drawer that is extracted when we open the door and where the garbage containers that fit perfectly inside go. You can have from one to three drawers. Perfect! See all models click here

7. Magnetic Spice Rack
If you have a ton of spice jars like I do, then you will find that they take up a lot of cabinet or counter space. I think this idea of ​​magnetic bottles is great. They’re on hand, they look great, they’re practical, pretty, and even decorative! apart from giving a modern touch to your kitchen. They are not expensive at all. You can buy them here!

8. Built-in modules for storage
These wooden modules are used to store bread or whatever you want and have it close at hand. They are super stylish and practical and allow you to keep your countertop clean and beautiful without the need for bulky drawers that are not exactly the most appropriate if you have a modern and minimalist kitchen.

9. A drawer under the sink
The truth is that most of the time it is uncomfortable to look for a cleaning product under the sink that is almost always a piled-up mess by the way. Having a drawer underneath seems practical so I can find what I want without contorting and have everything more organized.

10. A space for your pet
And finally, for those who have pets, they can adapt the kitchen island with its space for it: Food, water and a removable drawer to store things for that other member of the family! Here you can buy pet feeders

Do not stop seeing these kitchen utensils !! Click here or on the photo below

10 Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Practical
What is your favorite? 🙂

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