25 super ideas to decorate food at Christmas


Hello everybody! Navigating there I saw some super cute ideas to make Christmas dinner something fun and colorful and edible !! Your family and friends are sure to love them! Here I go:
See what you can do with some strawberries and whipped cream! for the little eyes some chocolate chips: 3

Cookies decorated with liquid chocolate for the horns and a m & m or dandy for the reindeer’s nose! You can use this recipe for the cookie

Chocolate cupcakes with a cherry

Decorate a mayonnaise jar by making snowflakes with concealer (inside you can put Christmas sticks or some flowers

Cherries dipped in white chocolate and decorated

I loved this little tree. Use an apple as a base, a carrot as a trunk and toothpicks to fix the other fruits!

Ok .. these cookies are beautiful for a good cup of coffee ^ _ ^ it would be great to have the mold right?

Chocolate cookies in the shape of a doll. Make it with the crostata recipe but add a little powdered chocolate

To decorate the table !!

Christmas trees of strawberries covered in cream on chocolate cupcakes

You can make a cake with green food coloring, cut it and decorate it as a Christmas tree with m & m !!

A nice idea for the doors! more original than the typical bow or gift ornament.

More ideas! with pretzels you make the little bits 🙂

Rich cookies that you can make with the dough of the crostata, for the nose and little eyes m & m’s !! The chocolate covered chunks of pretzels.

Snowmen made with eggs: 3 how beautiful! I imagine them with quail eggs. Cut one at the base so that it stands upright and attach them with toothpicks. For the hat and the nose: carrots.

A delicious appetizer that you can make with pita bread, red and green paprika, cream cheese or other

Cute (and delicious) Christmas tree made with cheese squares, cherry tomatoes and to decorate sprigs of rosemary.

Cookies decorated with cream cheese, for the hat I can think of sausage, salami and another! for the mustaches celery or green peppers.

Decorated sweet balls hahaha I don’t know what they are called !!! but they are beautiful!

Mix 250 gr of Philadelphia cheese, 1/2 teaspoon of dill (or small minced chives), a pinch of garlic powder and salt, put it in a rectangular mold in the fridge for 3 hours. To decorate diced red peppers and a sprig of chives!

Rich chocolate cupcakes with beanies made of strawberry with whipped cream

Christmas apothecaries made with sausages and decorated with cream cheese and parsley with a piece of paprika. Picalas diagonally leaving the end for the toe of the boot. Attach them with a toothpick.

You can not miss the decorated cookies. they give color to any Christmas table!

a little yellow cheese tree! for the base: half a green apple, a wooden skewer for the trunk, cut the cheese in the shape of a triangle (smaller for the top of the tree)

Make star shaped cookies of various sizes and build this starry tree!

And finally: Orange Candle Holder 🙂


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