Benefits of fruits and vegetables according to their color


For good health, it is necessary to eat with color: fruits and vegetables contain different compounds (pigments) that not only give them their specific color but also specific properties on our body and health. Hence, it is recommended to make your daily diet little less than a rainbow of flavor and nutrients. All of these are High Water Content Foods and they are LIVE foods!

rojo Red: lycopene. Red and pink-tinged vegetables, such as tomatoes or fruits such as strawberries and cherries, are options rich in lycopene, which, according to several studies, helps the body protect itself against the damage of harmful sun rays, it is good for the heart and prevent certain types of cancers.amarillo

Orange and yellow: beta carotenes. This pigment is what gives carrots, pumpkins and squash, as well as peppers, their particular color. It is a valuable substance since it is a precursor of vitamin A, beneficial for the health of the skin and eyes, among others.

verdeGreen: lutein. Let green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and peas never be lacking in your diet, since this pigment is also of great help to have good eyesight. Remember that a nutritious and healthy option is to also incorporate smoothies made from these vegetables.


Blue, indigo and violet: anthocyanins. These pigments are one of the most powerful antioxidants, so remember to consume berries and blueberries frequently (they are also tasty). They are also beneficial for keeping blood vessels healthy, and they even help prevent cancer. Another of the properties attributed to this coloring substance is that they help to maintain memory and that it has anti-inflammatory properties, hence its consumption is recommended, especially in older people.

blancoWhites: Here we find the onion, chives, garlic,leek, banana and melon. The properties of these foods help us prevent cardiovascular diseases as they regulate blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent diabetes.



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