Difference between white and brown eggs


These days I went to the supermarket and saw that they changed my brown eggs and there were only white ones. Ok, I thought .. now they will cost me more. And while I put them in the cart I started to think if they would be of better quality and what would be the difference between these and the normal brown ones that we have always eaten. The same thing when I got home my daughter asked me, Mommy, are whites better? and I kept hearing crickets in my head, I just thought .. I don’t know, I just know they look prettier hahaha. Well now seriously, I started researching and this is what I found

Is there a difference between white and brown eggs?
The difference in the color of the eggs depends on the hen. As a rule, chickens with white feathers and white earlobes lay white eggs, and chickens with reddish or brown feathers with red earlobes lay brown eggs. There are also breeds that lay bluish eggs but they are much less common as well as the speckled eggs that I have never seen, I imagine they are like quail but larger.

Which are better?
The two are the same in terms of quality, flavor, nutrients, and everything. Although we often see that white eggs are more expensive than brown ones, the color of an egg is not an indicator that they are better, there is no difference between either of the two colors.

Some think that brown eggs have the hardest shell, but they are both the same thickness. If you’ve ever noticed that an eggshell seems harder to break, it’s due to the age of the hen. Younger hens tend to lay eggs with harder shells than older chickens that their shells break more easily.
Another thing I read (since we are talking about eggs) is the color of the yolk, this does have a difference in the quality of the egg. It turns out that the best ones are the ones with the dark yellow almost orange yolk, that vibrant and striking yellow.

It means that it came from a well-fed and healthy hen so she lays quality eggs. Those with pale yolks are not bad, but they do not have the same quality of nutrients.
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