Easy tiramisu


Tiramisu is one of the cold desserts that I like the most, it is very easy to make since its ingredients are simple, it does not need an oven and its preparation consists of putting them together in layers. Over time the versions have varied, but here is the original Italian recipe for this super dessert!

Ingredients for tiramisu
• 6 eggs
• 120 gr of sugar
• 400 gr of mascarpone cheese
• Cocoa powder
• 400 gr of Insoles (Lady Fingers)
• 1/2 liter of Black Coffee (to wet the templates) sweetened to your liking
• A piece of grated dark chocolate (optional) for the last layer after cocoa

Tiramisu Preparation

The first thing we will do is separate the whites from the egg yolks (Fig. 1). We are going to whip the whites with the blender at maximum speed, and little by little adding the sugar until they are just stiff. We are going to reserve this. (Fig. 2)
Now apart, beat the yolks with half the sugar (60 gr) with the electric mixer until they turn white and add the mascarpone cheese (Fig. 3, 4 and 5). We continue mixing and when they are integrated we add the whites to the point of snow. (Fig. 7) Mix delicately with a trowel little by little so that the whites do not dismantle (Fig. 8). Ready, we already have the Mascarpone cream and we can now assemble the tiramisu.

We are going to soak the templates in the coffee that we have already sweetened to our liking, we are going to soak them quickly only once, because otherwise they crumble and do not work and we place a layer in the mold. After this we add a generous layer of the Mascarpone Cream and level with a spoon or with a trowel. We add sprinkled cocoa and repeat: Another layer of Templates, another of cream and another of cocoa. This time I did it with three layers. We finish with Cocoa and we grate a little dark chocolate .. the amount you want 🙂 you don’t say no to chocolate!

We put it in the fridge for at least 3 hours before serving so that it compacts a little. Did you see how easy it is? I hope they do and that they comment to me, I love reading them and answering their questions and anything. A fact: Make the coffee dark so that the tiramisu has an intense flavor .. I had to make 3 batches and the one that was clearer to me (the custom of taking it like this) the flavor of the dessert was very soft. The other batch of coffee I made it darker and it was better in flavor. With this recipe comes a large Tiramisu, I made two medium and three small ones as you can see in the video.
What is Mascarpone cheese? It is a fresh cheese of Italian origin with a mild flavor that resembles cream, in fact they make it with cream, citric acid and milk cream. You can see more about mascarpone with our friend wikipedia here: http://es.wikipedia.org / wiki / Mascarpone

For those who cannot get the Mascarpone cheese, they can substitute it in two ways:

1) 300 grams of cream cheese (Philadelphia for example) and 100 grams of heavy cream or cream. or
2) 1 cup of ricotta and one of heavy cream plus a tablespoon of sugar
Templates! I never saw so many names for these cookies! They are dry, hard, oval cookies that are widely used to make cold cakes and desserts. In Venezuela and in much of Latin America they are called like that, they are also called Biscocho de Soletilla, Lady Fingers in the United States and in Panama, In Italy Savoiardi, which is where the name Savoyard comes from, they are also called Soletas, Champagne Cookies, Soletas , Languages ​​and others! Here you can see all the names they give it: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bizcocho_de_soletilla

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