Eat live foods with high water content


If you want to be healthy, energetic and feel alive you have to eat live food! By live I mean any food that has not been processed, high in water content. If it is not high in water content, that food is not alive. And if 70 percent of your diet, or more, is made up of dead, processed and denatured foods, you can already imagine what will become of your body.

Fruits and vegetables are enormously rich in water. Other foods are concentrated, and that means that the water has been extracted from them through cooking or some other form of processing.


As a main course, a salad can be very satisfying, and once you understand how easy it is to prepare it, it will also start to be fun. The basic idea for the preparation of this type of salads is that with a little ingenuity, all the ingredients that go into a meal can be part of a great salad, well combined and with a high water content. This idea means that the largest proportion of what is eaten is vegetables, fresh and live … and that is its greatest advantage. It doesn’t matter what is added to salads; most of the food will remain live food. And what has been added will be broken down more easily in the body, and will be digested more quickly thanks to being properly combined and the presence of all those raw vegetables.


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