Ganache (Sauce for topping cakes)


Silky and delicate Sauce better known as Ganache, it is simple, but it is so delicious and addictive that you will want to accompany each bite of your cake with this sauce.

salsa ganache covers cake


200 grams

200 grams

1 tablespoon unsalted butter



1) Finely chop the chocolate

2) We put it in a bain-marie pot over low heat (the water cannot boil)

3) We dissolve it without stopping moving.

4) We add the milk cream and mix.

5) We continue moving until everything is dissolved and there is no lump of chocolate, (making sure that our water is not boiling from the bottom of the pot).

6) When everything is dissolved we add the tablespoon of butter last (to give our sauce its brilliance).

7) We remove our sauce from the pot and take it to a glass container and let it cool.

8) Once it is cold, we cover it (make our glass container hermetic so that our sauce does not get any smell or flavor from our refrigerator).




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