Home remedies for headaches


Put an END to the headache. Do not take more pills that can harm your health, I am going to share this recipe of my home remedy, share and help your friends or family when they are having a bad time.

Remember that you can suggest another home remedy in the comments and we will gladly add it in the description with a link to your social networks. And if any of these work, please leave which home remedy will help you.


Let’s get started !! Feeling good is priceless !!


There are several reasons why our head hurts, so it is advisable to use more than one of these home remedies, since each of these relieves headaches depending on its origin.


The main causes that explain it.

• Stress causes # 1 of headaches

• Cervical and poor posture

•  The heat

• Excess light

• Bad sleeping habits

• Lack of minerals and vitamins

• Pre-existing diseases such as sinusitis, diabetes, hypertension or anemia

Finally surprise your family or friends with the Pressure Points of Chinese Medicine, this also works quite well and relieves other types of pain. Also known as Hegu, it is located between the base of the thumb and the index finger. Doing acupressure at this point can relieve headaches and other types of pain. Do it for 1 minute, intermittently for 2 minutes. Until the pain disappears.


Another very effective Chinese technique is the spike pillows to place on the neck and back, the pain caused by the spikes in the neck and back, activates your system to combat that pain and sends more blood to circulate in that area, which helps to oxygenate the cervical area, therefore relax your headache .. This is very good for migraines, you can find these pillows in the description link.

As prevention, avoid chocolate, caffeine, sugar or depending on your body some food can also cause headaches. Poor posture, too high pillows or carrying weight the wrong way are also triggers for headaches. Do not force your eyes, when you read or are on your cell phone and try to wear glasses that protect you from the Blue light of monitors, TV or cell phones.


Golden Milk with Turmeric

Ingredients :

1 cup of almond milk or any type of milk

1 teaspoon ground or grated turmeric

½ teaspoon ground or grated ginger

1 Pinch of Black Pepper

1 A tablespoon of Honey

1 A tablespoon of Coconut Oil


Preparation mode

Bring the milk to a boil, add the turmeric and ginger and let it rest for 5 minutes, then add the other ingredients and stir everything very well .. You can sift it and drink it warm, this will help you relax and soothe any pain . The effects of turmeric, pepper and coconut oil is an effective anti-inflammatory and sedative.

Let’s go to the Grain !! If my head is hurting, I don’t want to read any more blah blah blah… So these are the home remedies for headaches. At the end I give you the step by step recipe of the remedy that works for me when my head is about to explode, but try these tips too.

1.- Take a deep breath and release the air slowly, do it about 10 times or when you feel that you have the feeling of drowsiness you have just oxygenated your body and it is very likely that your headache is gone.

2.- When your head feels heavy and as if your head is not part of the body, gently massage the back of your neck, your eyes, your temples. This usually helps when you are stressed or stressed. Try as much as possible for someone else to give you a rich massage and put your mind blank.

After a while your headache will disappear…. If it does not work, try the strongest massage in the area with the fingertips, pressing the entire neck until it reaches the shoulders … If it is stressed, the neck muscles will feel like stone.

2.- Although you do not believe the most effective remedy when the headache is strong, it is to turn off everything in your room, zero televisions, cell phone, light, ice water cloth in your eyes and go to sleep. In a couple of hours after you get up, your headache will be gone.

3.- Drink Water. If your headache is due to heat stroke, you may be dehydrated, and the best thing would be to buy an oral serum or Gatorade. This also helps with headaches after a night of drinking.

4.- If your headache is consecutive, try a multivitamin that has mainly magnesium and vitamin B, magnesium chloride is very good to relax you and avoid headaches. If you don’t have on hand, eat a banana.

5.- Apply menthol or peppermint oil on the temples and the nape of the neck (This can take away the pain immediately) This if you combine it with a massage in the area 95% chance that you will eliminate the pain.

6.- Anything that helps you relax, from a hot shower, taking an infusion of cinnamon or chamomile or using lavender, peppermint as aromatherapy works very well.

7.- If it is due to sinusitis, try to vaporize with eucalyptus apart from the fact that it decongests you, has antiviral properties and thins the mucus in the affected area.



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