Philadelphia Cheesecake


This cold cake is what I call the afternoon craving killer 🙂 very easy to make and does not need an oven. Take note of the ingredients and preparation:

Ingredients for the Philadelphia Cheesecake:
• 75gr of Maria cookies
• 30gr of butter
• 300gr of cream (milk cream)
• 300gr of Philadelphia cheese …
• 40gr of sugar
• 5gr of neutral gelatin powder
• Jam of your choice

Preparation of the Philadelphia Cheesecake:
First crumble the cookies and mix it with the melted butter, make a paste and place it in the bottom of a mold. Leave it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Boil the cream, sugar and Philadelphia cheese, remove it from the heat and mix with the gelatin.

We place the mixture once it is cold in the mold and place it in the fridge for 6 hours.

After that time, we add the jam as a topping and that’s it … you can decorate it with fruits if you want.

Note: Personally, next time I will make the bottom with more cookies so that it is thicker and with only one pot of 250grs of Philadelphia cheese .. 🙂
Note 2: It is a very soft cake, it is not a consistent cheese cake like the normal cheese cakes that we know.

Another very tasty variant:
Instead of Philadelphia, substitute 250 grams of quark cheese and 200 grams of fresh cheese.

And I also have the recipe for the NY Baked Cheesecake sooo good! look at it here or click on the photo!

Which of the two versions do you like the most? 🙂

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