The 50 Most Original Kitchen Utensils You Should Have – Part 1



If you love cooking, you love preparing good dishes, and you also like having guests and also having them entertained, then you want to have all these utensils. Your family and friends will have a lot of fun while you prepare dinner! Besides, you won’t deny me that you love being the most original of all and having all these little things if possible!

They are clever, colorful and will make even the roughest cook smile 🙂 from the Loch Ness monster ladle, the silicone lids, the tea infusers! the most useful is the multi-edge scissors. My favorite is the chopping board that looks like splattered blood. They seem just great to me!

1. Cats Pattern

They are super practical to shape doughs and cookies, there are multiple patterns and shapes. COMPRAR

2. Mr.Tea Infuser

This little man is made of silicone and is a tea and herbal infuser who seems to be very comfortable and relaxed taking a bath. COMPRAR


3. SHIP Silicone Steaming Lid

Silicone wave caps of many designs and colors, this one simulates a boat. It has a steam diffuser and everything! COMPRAR

4. Shark Tea Infuser

Shark!!!! like the movie with blood and everything !. Special for red teas COMPRAR

5. Spartan Knife Block

This is Spartaaaa !!! original wooden knife holder COMPRAR

6. Mitten Ice Tongs

ice tongs with mini gloves (mittens) I love them! :3COMPRAR

7. Blood Splash Set

cool gory chopping board and matching spoon / dashboard holder, sold separately or as a set COMPRAR

8. Herb Scissors Multipurpose

They are made to avoid wasting time when cutting fine herbs and spices. There are 5 and 3 edges to choose from COMPRAR

9. Tea Diver Infuser

Another infuser for tea that imitates the ancient divers. This particular infuser is silicone COMPRAR

10. MAGIC Salt and Pepper Shakers

For lovers of Disney movies and magic, this Salt and pepper shaker is for you. White for salt and black for pepper. COMPRAR

They are great right? See the 2nd part with more original things for your kitchen. Which is your favorite?? 🙂

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