Toxemia, metabolic imbalance. Eliminate toxins from your body and lose weight!


Toxemia is a disorder that occurs in the body when there are toxins in it and is the basis for gaining excess weight. By respecting the natural cycles of the body, we contribute enormously to keeping the system free of toxins, greatly increasing the chances of maintaining a comfortable body weight, because excess body toxins are the cause of obesity.


The first way toxemia occurs is through the metabolism process. While you are reading this page, your organism is not idle; he is very busy. It is constantly replacing old cells with new ones. In reality, 300 to 800 billion old cells are replaced by new ones in a day. * Those old cells are toxic (poisonous and should be removed from the system as soon as possible, by one of the four elimination routes: the intestines, bladder, lungs or skin. This is a normal and natural process of the body, not something we have to worry about, unless for some reason that toxic waste material is not eliminated with the same how quickly it is produced As long as there is an amount * The number of cells that need to be replaced daily depends on the amount of cooked or caustic foods in the diet.

The second way in which toxemia occurs in the system is from food by-products that have not been properly digested, assimilated, and incorporated into the cell structure.

Logically, if more toxic residues are generated than are eliminated, an accumulation of excess will occur, which results in OVERWEIGHT.

Imagine that you are working in a company where what you have to do is break 20 boxes every day and throw them away. Either because you don’t have enough time, or because you lack the necessary energy, or both, let’s say you can’t get rid of more than 15 boxes a day.

cajas pesadas sobrepeso

That means that the next day, when you get another 20 boxes, you will still have five left from the day before. Since you cannot get rid of more than 15, after the second day you will have ten more boxes. If you started on Monday and work seven days a week, on the second Monday, when the 20 boxes are delivered, you will find a total of 55, and without being able to undo more than 15! After just a week, you find yourself with 40 extra boxes, which you will have to store somewhere until you can take care of them, but where? The same happens in our body with the toxins that turn into fat.

Always attentive to protecting itself and maintaining its integrity, the body tends not to store these wastes in or near vital organs: it will store them in adipose tissue and muscles. That means in the thighs, in the buttocks, in the waist, in the arms, under the chin… in all those places whose deformity we most regret.

If the problem is not controlled, the end result is not only obesity, but general discomfort and a feeling of lethargy, as the body needs to expend a great deal of its energy trying to rid itself of this accumulation of toxins.

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