Why diets don’t work


Dieting is a process that is among the most ineffective and most curious human experiences. What other time is there when people disciplinedly undergo deprivation for days, weeks, and even months, in order to achieve a certain goal, only to find that the goal begins to wane as soon as it has been achieved? And as if this experience weren’t frustrating enough, many dieters regularly undergo this process and eagerly lose a few pounds for a short time only to regain them later.


They are people who are mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally exhausted, always looking for a permanent result that they never find. And this frequent and sterile search creates the excess stress and emotional upheaval that dieters know so well.

What really results is to understand our body and its Cliclos because even if we do not really believe it, we can eat everything without gaining weight, understanding that the healthiest way is through the correct combination of foods without eliminating any main group … that is, you can eat A plate of pasta if you want and you will have permanent results, not temporary.

How many diets have appeared in the last twenty years? Fifty one hundred? If they really worked, what need would there be for an endless chain of diets? If the diets worked, the obesity numbers would decrease, instead of increasing.

When we go on a diet, our body goes through a sudden stage of confusion, while trying to adapt to the new regimen. Later, when the regime ends, he has to readjust to the old model. It’s like taking a metal rod and starting to bend and bend it: eventually, it gets weak and breaks.

If we put our bodies through this process of adaptation and readjustment over and over again, it will end up weakening until it collapses.

Another problem is that diets are temporary; therefore, the results also have to be temporary. Do we want to be thin temporarily or permanently? Permanent measures give permanent results, and temporary measures, temporary results. Have you never heard this complaint: “I have tried all the diets that are advertised, and none have worked for me” Why have they tried all the diets? If they have tried them all, without success, it is because dieting is addressing the problem more. Diets fail because of the implicit force of discipline, something that very few people can successfully endure when it comes to food. And yet there are many who, having no other alternative, continue doing what they have always done – diet – because they have never been offered another viable alternative. They continue in search of that single panacea that, once and for all, will put an end to the battle of inches and kilos.

People indulge in their own whims until they reach a point where they can no longer look in the mirror, or find that their clothes no longer fit. Then, reluctantly, he forces himself to “go on a diet” to compensate for the previous over-tolerance. It’s like running to lock the garage door when someone has already taken the car. It’s too late; the damage is done.

The remedy for these excesses is, generally, deprivation, and almost all the “healing diets” that are offered today in the market require that whoever follows them lose weight at any price. Diet plans are an extremely expensive way to lose weight, and many times their real cost is the well-being of the person. Why don’t diets work? The answer is actually very simple.

What does one think of when dieting? Just like me, I was usually thinking about what to eat when I was finally done with that ordeal. How is it possible to be successful with a diet if one thinks only of eating? Deprivation is not the way to achieve a loss of

healthy and permanent weight. Generally, it is because you gorge yourself later, which complicates the problem. Between depriving yourself and gorging yourself a vicious circle is established, which is precisely one of the many drawbacks of diets. Here you can check several articles where you will learn to lose weight by eating that will help you eat without depriving yourself of anything and take off the other kilos in a healthy way without subjecting your body to that torture … without counting calories, or weighing food.


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