Is Alpha Sans alive?

Alpha! Sans was killed during a battle, the last thing he saw was the face of his poor brother ERROR 404.

Why does Alpha Sans cry?

Both of his eyes began to cry tears as souls upon souls fluctuate and appear in his eyes, with all the souls Alpha's body melts a rapid rate, but thanks to the Kindness souls keeps him together. Along with this Alpha creates a bone sword that has 30 Determination souls lined through it.

Is Alpha Sans Error 404's brother?

BACKSTORY: In their AU Alphatale, Error404 used to work with his brother, Alpha! Sans.

Who is stronger alpha Sans or error 404?

Error404, being the self-proclaimed 'God of The Multiverse', is the strongest Sans in the multiverse. Error404 is the only Sans strong enough to control and make Error and any other Powerful Sans his puppet with his Mind Manipulation, Examples: Ultra! Sans, Omega Sans, Ink!

Who destroyed Alphatale?

Jacob: Eldest Son of the Void Empress and sole cause of the destruction of Alphatale.

Alphatale reunion 24 hours but part 1 ( in part 2 you can Q&A ) MY AU

Why is fresh Sans soul in his eye?

The soul will always appear cracked due to his parasitic nature of feeding off the life energy of his host, which is a dead give-away to his true self. He hides this part of him most of the time out of self-preservation.

Is Sans the final boss?

Sans is a fictional character created by Toby Fox for the 2015 role-playing video game Undertale. Initially appearing as a friendly NPC, he later becomes the de facto final boss if the player chooses to complete the "genocide route" and go out of their way to destroy the game's race of monsters.

Who is Sans most shipped with?

Does Sans have a love interest? Alphys. Though there is evidence that Sans and Alphys have a relationship, Sans only alludes to this in the epilogue.

Who is the brother of Alpha Sans?

Adam (Alpha) worked with his brother William and they both lived happily in their AU Alphatale, but this happiness didn't last long since a Sans murderer was walking over killing all his friends.

What Sans are from Godverse?

Sans is a 5'8 tall Skeleton with two dark glowing blue eyes, leaving off a distinct glow. Sans has a dark blue long overcoat that reaches below his knees roughly, with multiple patterns formed on them.

What is XTale Sans name?

Sans (better known as Cross, or Cross! Sans, or simply XSans) is a major character of the XTale and comic and Underverse, where he serves as the series' anti-hero.

Does error Sans have 3 tongues?

He has five blue tongues.

What is error 404's real name?

In computer network communications, the HTTP 404, 404 not found, 404, 404 error, page not found or file not found error message is a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) standard response code, to indicate that the browser was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

What is error Sans afraid of?

Error has haphephobia (the fear of being touched) and is therefore very hesitant to get physically close to anyone. At random intervals, he can glitch up, filling his eye sockets with errors, giving him a major disadvantage if he's in battle.

What is the oldest Sans AU?

Bio. AlphaTale was the very first AU, existing nearly as long as UnderTale itself.

What is the Godverse UnderTale?

Godverses are realms beyond the Omniverse that are home to all-powerful all-seeing gods. There are three Godverses within The Barrel; one belonging to Creator, one belonging to Destroyer, and one belonging to Hyperman. Advertisement.

Who is true insanity Sans?

Insanity Sans is a Sans made by Zero Danteero and currently owned by UTF. In this AT Sans becomes corrupted and eventually murders everybody in the Underground, including his only brother, Papyrus.

Who is last breath Sans?

Sans is one of the main heroes of Undertale Last Breath, and he serves as the antagonist to the player in the game. He is the older brother to the now deceased Royal Guard to be: Papyrus. Sans is a skeleton that lives in Snowdin.

Who is Alphatale Chara?

Chara is a very violent individual, always using violence as their first means of communication either it be friendly or not. Chara had very little friends and often didn't get along with most others. Chara eventually found someone who He could appreciate and Love.

How old is Sans in human years?

Sans would be around 28 years old, because he is older than Papyrus, and is old enouh to get a job.

Who is Chara shipped with?

Charisk is the non-binary ship between Frisk and Chara from the Undertale fandom.

Why does Sans smile all the time?

It could be argued that Sans uses his smile as a poker face to obscure his feelings or intentions, which is why he is always seen with it. However, if that was the case, it seems unlikely that he would be able to keep up this “poker face” when caught off guard.

What does Sans say when he dies?

it's not gonna BE your turn. ever. i'm just gonna keep having MY turn until you give up. even if it means we have to stand here until the end of time.

Is Sans a good guy?

Sans is a good guy, but he is definitely mysterious and brooding. He doesn't want to fight or kill, but shows that he could with minimal effort. His boss battle is certainly unforgettable, and people that can complete it with no damage are quite legendary.

Who is Undertale's final boss?

Asriel Dreemurr is the true final boss of Undertale, coming after you've explored the bonus True Laboratory section. The following boss comes at the end of a complete Pacifist playthrough - in short, going through the entire game without killing anything to unlock a different ending.
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