Is it OK to go to viewing and not funeral?

To support them, you can go to the visitation, but not the funeral. What really matters is you show up when it means the most. You may not know how important it is to have the people you care about around when you are grieving. Showing support during a visitation, funeral, or both is vital.

Should I attend the viewing or the funeral?

It's typically considered more important to attend the funeral service. Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable only attending the funeral; however, you might like the chance to speak to the family in a more relaxed setting at the visitation. As long as you're kind and respectful, the choice is yours.

Is it disrespectful not to go to a funeral?

Choosing whether to attend is at the discretion of each individual, family member. Whatever you choose, know that it isn't disrespectful to not go to a funeral for personal reasons.

Should you go to both visitation and funeral?

You should attend both the wake and the funeral for family members and very close friends. If you're a member of the immediate family, people will want to express condolences to you. Even if it's difficult, being there is important. Here are some other scenarios that may help you decide when to attend both services.

Who should go to a viewing?

Close family and friends of the person who died will likely attend the visitation and funeral service. Others may attend both or may need to or prefer to attend one or the other but not both. Visitation may take place the day before the funeral, the evening before or even just hours before the funeral service.

Is It Offensive To NOT Go To A Funeral?

What is the etiquette at a viewing?

Dress nicely, but you don't need to be too formal as you would at a funeral or memorial service. The standard protocol for a visitation is to stop by, introduce yourself to the family (if needed) and pay your condolences, and then leave after a short period of time.

What is the point of a viewing?

A viewing is an unstructured gathering of friends and family where visitors can pay their respects to either the deceased after having been prepared by a mortician, or to a cremation urn or series of memorial photos. A viewing, compared to a funeral, is generally a more informal event.

Is a visitation more casual than a funeral?

Visitations, or calling hours, are generally more casual than funeral services. They often occur after the regular work day, so it's completely appropriate to attend a visitation in your usual business or business casual clothes.

When should you not go to a funeral?

5 reasons not to go to the funeral:

Your attendance at the service would be upsetting to any member of the immediate family. The services are private and not open to the public. The services are out of town and you cannot get there, or you cannot arrange for the time off work.

How long should I stay at a visitation?

There is no requirement for how long you should stay at a visitation. The length of your visit depends more on how well you know the family and how long it takes to offer your condolences and speak to other visitors. Many people stay a short time, about 15 minutes, which can be long enough to extend your sympathies.

How important is it to attend a funeral?

One of the most important reasons to go to a funeral is to pay your respects. Being there shows that you want to support the family and help say a meaningful goodbye. At the same time, it allows you to honor the deceased and the memories you shared with them.

Why would someone not want a funeral?

Many traditional funerals take place in a church so you may not want to have a funeral simply because you're not a religious person. It's also possible that you're not the same religion as the loved ones you're leaving behind, and so you're concerned about their comfort level.

How do you tell someone you don't want to go to a funeral?

What to Text Someone When You Can't Attend a Funeral
  1. Thinking of you today! I'm sorry I can't be there with you. ...
  2. I'm sending a virtual hug to you. I know that today is going to be hard. ...
  3. Please know that I would be there with you today if circumstances were different.

What do you wear to a viewing?

We recommend wearing dark or neutral colors, because darker colors reflect the mourning atmosphere of the service or visitation. Clothing can be formal (think suits and dresses) or casual (pants or nice jeans and shirts).

What to expect at a viewing?

There will typically be a set order of events, along with a eulogy, prayers or poem readings, and occasionally speeches. It's good memorial service etiquette to arrive on time, stay until the end of the service, leave your cell phone on silent and in your pocket, and to pay your respects to the family before leaving.

Do I need to attend the viewing?

As with a funeral service, if you are invited to a wake, viewing, or visitation you should feel free to go. If the event is limited to family only, you should respect the family's wishes and not attend.

What is funeral visitation etiquette?

The standard etiquette for a funeral visitation is to arrive early, introduce oneself to the family if necessary, express your sympathies, and then go after a short time.

Is it OK not to go to your parents funeral?

There's nothing wrong with not attending a parent's funeral if there isn't a pressing need or motivation to be there. There are many reasons why a person may feel the need to skip out on the funeral or memorial service.

What should you not say at a funeral?

Here are some examples of what NOT to say at a funeral:

S/he has had a long meaningful life. Don't worry too much, you will be fine. I have been through this, and I'm sure you too can be fine. Look on the bright side, she is in a better place now.

What do you bring to a viewing?

Flowers, sympathy cards, custom keepsakes, and donations are all appropriate gifts to bring to a funeral. While a gift is certainly not required, it can be a thoughtful way to communicate your love for those grieving. Flower and plant arrangements can often be sent to the funeral home prior to the service.

Do you bring anything to a visitation?

What is this? Basketed plants and flowers are usually given to a grieving family at a visitation, displayed the next day at the funeral, and then finally delivered to the family's home after the service is over. So if you are planning on giving flowers, bring them to the visitation.

What's the difference between a visitation and a funeral?

A visitation is often a less formal gathering of loved ones, usually taking place before a funeral. Visitations can be held several days before the funeral service, the night before, or even the day of. Funerals are typically more formal ceremonies, with set structures and time limits.

Can you touch the body at a viewing?

Typically, you are allowed to touch the body at an open-casket funeral or viewing. Holding the deceased's hands or kissing their forehead are common ways to say goodbye. If there are special reasons you should not touch the body, the deceased's family or the funeral director will let you know.

Do you see the body at a viewing?

During a viewing, the body of the deceased is present, often in an open casket. The deceased will have been embalmed and prepared by the funeral home, in most cases, and otherwise ready for the burial or cremation. This is an opportunity to see the deceased one last time and say your quiet goodbyes.

Is a viewing a good idea?

Viewing provides a means of social support. Regardless of the method chosen for final disposition of the body a public visitation can be of great help to family and friends in dealing with the grieving and mourning process. Viewing of the body should always be considered before final disposition.