What is notch in discharge?

A notch or a weir
A weir /wɪər/ or low head dam is a barrier across the width of a river that alters the flow characteristics of water and usually results in a change in the height of the river level. Weirs are also used to control the flow of water for outlets of lakes, ponds, and reservoirs.
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is a convenient device for the measurement of discharge in an open channel. A notch or a weir is an obstruction provided in a channel that causes the water to rise behind it so that the water is made to flow through it or over it.

What is notch in fluid?

A notch may be defined as an opening provided in the side of tank or vessel such that the liquid surface in tank is below the top edge of opening. A weir may be defined as any regular obstruction in open stream over which the flow takes place.

Which notch gives more discharge?

A triangular notch gives more accurate results for low discharge than rectangular notch and the same triangular notch can measure a wide range of flow accurately. Actual discharge of V-notch is better than the rectangular notch.

Why are notches used?

Notches are commonly used in material impact tests where a morphological crack of a controlled origin is necessary to achieve standardized characterization of fracture resistance of the material. The most common is the Charpy impact test, which uses a pendulum hammer (striker) to strike a horizontal notched specimen.

Which notch gives more accurate results for low discharge?

For measuring the low discharge, a triangular notch gives more accurate results than a rectangular. In the case of the triangular notch, only one reading i.e H is required for the computation of discharge.

Discharge Over a Triangular Notch

Which notch is accurate?

A triangular notch gives more accurate results for low discharges than rectangular notch and the same triangular notch can measure a wide range of flows accurately.

What is meant by calibration of notch?

The discharge over notch is measured by measuring the head acting over the notch. As water approaches the notch, its surface becomes curved. Therefore, the head over the notch is to be measured at the upstream of the notch where the effect of curvature is minimum.

What is the notch effect?

A notch is basically each change of the cross-section of a component. It may come from drill holes, grooves or cross-sectional variations. Notches result in uneven stress distribution, leading to stress peaks – known as the notch effect.

What are the examples of notches?

A notch is a small cut or nick in something. People make notches to keep track of things. If you've even seen a little U-shaped or V-shaped cut in something, you've seen a notch. In prison, criminals will make notches on the wall to keep track of how long they've been there.

What are the types of notches?

Types Of Notches
  • Rectangular notch.
  • Triangular notch.
  • Trapezoidal notch.
  • Stepped notch.

What triggers more discharge?

The amount of discharge can increase from the likes of ovulation, sexual arousal, birth control pills, and pregnancy. The color, smell, and texture of vaginal discharge can be adversely affected by changes to the vagina's bacterial balance.

What texture is healthy discharge?

Normal vaginal discharge should be clear or white. It shouldn't smell bad, and its thickness may change throughout your menstrual cycle. Other characteristics of vaginal discharge include: Texture: It's normal to have vaginal discharge that ranges from watery and sticky to gooey, thick and pasty.

What are the three types of discharge?

Different Types of Discharge
  • White — Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. ...
  • Clear and stretchy — This is “fertile” mucous and means you're ovulating.
  • Clear and watery — This occurs at different times of your cycle and can be particularly heavy after exercising.

What is a notch in medical terms?

notch is a topic covered in the Taber's Medical Dictionary. (noch) A deep indentation or narrow gap in the edge of a structure. SYN: SEE: incisure.

What is notch?

What is a V notch weir? V notch weirs really are just that – a thin plate weir with a 'V' notch cut into it. The weir is placed to obstruct open channel flow and allow water to flow over the notch. This enables us to accurately measure the flow, by measuring the head upstream of the V notch.

What does the word notch mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition

notch. noun. ˈnäch. : a V-shaped indentation (as on a bone)

What does 2 notches mean?

Generally, a double notch indicates the back of a garment while a single notch indicates the front of the garment. For example, the pattern pieces in these photos are from an armhole: the single notch is the front curve of the armhole, and the double notch is the back curve.

How are notches formed?

A wave-cut notch is formed by erosional processes such as abrasion and hydraulic action - this is a dent in the cliff usually at the level of high tide. As the notch increases in size, the cliff becomes unstable and collapses, leading to the retreat of the cliff face.

How do you reduce the notch effect?

Electropolishing stainless steel springs, music wire and other metal parts can prevent the notch effect from doing long-term damage, making it easier for them to reach their desired stress requirements.

How many types of notches are there?

There are different types of notch display are available in the smartphone industry like Full notch display, medium notch display, drop notch display, hole - punch display and many more interesting pop-up for front camera, so let us look into few designs.

What is notch strengthening?

Notch strengthening implies that the nominal section fracture stress across a notched sample is greater than that across an unnotched sample loaded under similar conditions (i.e. φnn > テun;sww Fig. 1).

What does the notch measure?

Notch is a device used for measuring the rate of flow of a liquid through a small channel or a tank. It may be defined as an opening in the side of a tank or a small channel in such a way that the liquid surface in the tank or channel is below the top edge of the opening.

How do you calibrate a notch?

The stepwise procedure is given below:
  1. Fix the plate having rectangular notch in the water passage of Hydraulic bench.
  2. Turn the hydraulic bench on; water will accumulate in the channel.
  3. When the water level reaches the Crest or sill of notch stop the inflow and note the reading, and design it as H1.

What is the notching method?

What is notching? Notching is a way of encouraging new growth by making a small cut in the branch of your plant. In a way, you're making a deep incision that causes your plant to panic. Yes, sounds painful at first, but then your plant will try to relieve itself by growing new shoots!

How is discharge calculated using V-notch?

The discharge over a 90∘ V-notch is given as Q=1.37H52, where Q is in m3/s and H in m, the Cd of the notch is. No worries!
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