What is the black American Girl doll name?

Claudie is the fourth Black doll in American Girl's historical line.

When was the first black American girl doll?

Addy Walker, American Girl's first Black doll, was released in 1993 and authored by Connie Porter.

What are all the American Girl dolls name?

Who's that girl? See all historic American Girl dolls
  • CAROLINE ABBOTT. Year: 1812. ...
  • JOSEFINA MONTOYA. Year: 1824. ...
  • CECILE REY and MARIE-GRACE GARDNER ​ Year: 1853. ...
  • KIRSTEN LARSON. Year: 1854. ...
  • ADDY WALKER. Year: 1863. ...

What is the name of the American Girl doll for 2022?

Girl of the Year: Corinne Tan.

Are there biracial American Girl dolls?

First of all, Evette is biracial, one of the first in the American Girl universe (they had a special, one-year-only Irish-Japanese doll in 2006) and one of few biracial dolls on the market.

How I Chose My American Girl Doll's Names

Who is American Girl Mexican?

Josefina is the first and currently the only Historical character who is of Latin American descent. Josefina, like Addy Walker before her, was released with gold loop earrings, and they are the only two characters with attached earrings.

Is there a Latina American Girl doll?

'American Girl' turns 35 and re-releases its first Latina doll: Josefina Montoya. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of American Girl, the brand is launching a re-released collection of six of its dolls, including its first Latina doll.

What is the 2023 American Girl doll?

American Girl revealed its 2023 "Girl of the Year" as Kavi − a 12-year-old Jersey Girl who hails from the "Brainy Borough." As part of her story, Kavi lives with her close-knit Indian American family in the borough − a train ride from her favorite place in the world − Broadway.

Who were the first 5 American Girl dolls?

To celebrate American Girl's 35th anniversary, Mattel has announced the return of the brand's historic, six original characters that started it all — Samantha Parkington, Kirsten Larson, Molly McIntire, Felicity Merriman, Addy Walker and Josefina Montoya.

Who were the 3 original American Girl dolls?

Asking Tripp, a former co-worker and friend, to help bring this idea to life, she launched American Girl's first three dolls—Kirsten, World War II–era Molly McIntire and Edwardian-era Samantha Parkington—via catalog in fall 1986.

What is the oldest American Girl doll?

The Kirsten Larson doll was released in 1986, along with Samantha Parkington and Molly McIntire. They were American Girl's first three Historical Characters. Kirsten was officially archived in January 2010, though a Special Edition version was released for the 35th anniversary in 2021. Her mini doll remains available.

What is the coolest American Girl doll?

Yep, That's Right, We Ranked Our Fave American Girl Dolls
  1. Kit. Kit Kittredge has an awesome alliterative name and the best of the American Girl movies.
  2. Addy. ...
  3. Josefina. ...
  4. Courtney. ...
  5. Kaya. ...
  6. Melody. ...
  7. Molly. ...
  8. Julie. ...

What is the most famous American Girl doll?

1. Addy Walker. To earn the top-top spot, you've gotta be a special kind of strong. A nine-year-old Addy escapes slavery with her mother to Philadelphia.

How many black American dolls are there?

The first Black American Girl doll was Addy, and the second was Cecile–a 19th century girl living in New Orleans. However in 2014, the company decided to discontinue Cecile along with two other dolls of color, and Addy was left as the only Black doll.

What was the name of the first Black doll?

Fifty years ago this month, Baby Nancy made her debut at the American Toy Fair. A 13-inch black baby doll, Nancy transformed what was racially acceptable in Toyland.

How many black Barbie's are there?

In the 1960s, there were three black fashion dolls from Mattel: Francie (1967), Christie (1968), and Julia (1969).

Which American Girl dolls are retired?

As of 2022, all the original twenty released American Girl of Today dolls are retired. Furthermore with the relaunch of Truly Me later in 2022 and the renumbered system, all older dolls except the four Street Chic Collection dolls were retired; some were rereleased with the new style of appearances.

How many American Girl dolls are of color?

Ivy and Cécile are two of only four American Girl dolls of color.

Why did American Girl get rid of Kirsten?

According to American Girl spokeswoman Stephanie Spanos, the archiving of Samantha, Kirsten and others was simply an inventory decision, to make room for new product lines. Spanos says American Girl “still considers the historical characters to be the heart of the brand.” But the marketing spotlights suggest otherwise.

What is the American Girl doll of 2024?

The new American Girl doll is Corinne Tan, a Chinese-American girl that comes from a blended family. As with all American Girl characters, Corinne comes with a book series.

What year is Addy American Girl doll?

Addy Walker is the fifth Historical Character, representing the Civil War Era. Addy was released in Fall 1993 and was part of the BeForever collection and the 35th Anniversary Special Edition Rerelease.

When did the Molly doll come out?

The Molly McIntire doll was released in 1986, along with Kirsten Larson and Samantha Parkington. They were American Girl's first three Historical Characters. Molly was retired along with Emily Bennett in 2013.

What are Mexican dolls called?

They have been called "Marias," but are more often simply called "rag dolls" (muñecas de trapo). Ranging in size from three to forty five centimeters and sometimes more, the dolls can be found for sale just about anywhere in Mexico, especially in tourist venues.

Are there American Girl German dolls?

Götz (also known as Goetz or Gotz) is a German-based doll manufacturer and the first designers of the American Girl Doll line under Pleasant Company.

Does American Girl have a Down syndrome doll?

Though American Girl does not offer a doll with Down syndrome, other toy companies are working to fill the representation gap.