Baked Chicken


Sometimes you don’t really want to spend hours in the kitchen. The solution? a baked chicken! It practically cooks itself, and it is delicious. Take note:

Baked Chicken Ingredients:
• 4 chicken breasts
• 3 large potatoes
• Olive oil
• 1 onion
• 2 cloves of garlic
• 1 orange
• 1/2 cup of white wine
• 1 teaspoon rosemary
• 1 teaspoon thyme
• 5 bay leaves
• Salt and pepper to taste

Baked Chicken Preparation:

First, we make deep cuts to the breasts to make sure that they are well cooked inside … we should not remove the skin since that makes it not dry, then when eating if they wish they remove it.

We place it in a refractory container …

Chop the potatoes into 3 or 4 cm cubes, chop the onions and garlic and add them, also with the herbs, salt and pepper to taste.

Squeeze the orange juice over the chicken and add the half cup of wine. Add a drizzle of olive oil over the chicken and potatoes.

Bake for 1 hour at 200 ° C (after half an hour turn it over, and with 10 minutes remaining, turn it over again so that it cooks well on both sides and absorbs the juices)

They will be juicy and brown and crisp on the outside. Rich!

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