Chinese Chicken Soup With Vegetables


This is an easy and delicious recipe, which will surprise your whole family since it is nothing less than a Chinese soup which is a famous and international dish.

Here I leave you the recipe and the flavor trick which makes this soup irresistible and delicious

kau kau min sopa pollo



1 Chicken breast (diced)

1 Branch of fresh coriander, minced

1/2 onion finely chopped into strips

1 Carrots chopped into thin strips

1 Green pepper cut into thin strips

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 Small package of Chinese noodles

bean sprouts (optional)

1 liter of water approximately

1 chicken bouillon cube


3 Chinese Turnip Branches

Black pepper




1) We start our soup, making a pastita with our leaves of our coriander branch, our 2 garlic cloves and our pepper (to taste)

pastita de soya

2) We crush it and once we have it made like a paste we add a couple of tablespoons of soy and reserve it.

3) Then in a hot bowl we add a small splash of oil and fry our diced breast, add salt and a little pepper, seal our chicken cubes without letting them burn or toast; We take out our cooked chicken cubes and reserve them.

4) In the same bowl that we seal our chicken cubes we put a little oil and fry our red onion, then we add our pepper and continue frying followed by our carrots, 5) We return our chicken cubes

6) We add water, we add our coriander pastita, and our chicken bouillon cube

7) Let it boil once it boils we add our Chinese noodle (usually Chinese noodle cooks super fast in approximately 3 minutes).

8) Once our noodle is ready we add our Chinese turnip, followed by our broccoli and our bean sprouts and turn off the heat.

sopa china con nabo


9) We correct the soy sauce and ready to eat it has been said!





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