Eating everything and losing weight is not a myth.


They say that every woman’s dream is not to find the perfect man, but to eat without getting fat! haha of course friends, we are not going to get rid of a few kilos eating sweets and cakes and things like that, it is not magic either. But what if I tell you that it is possible to eat everything and lose those kilos that more than one has … and we are going to be honest all better said all because I include men too, we want to look good with or without clothes! or not? 😉

The topic is long … little by little I will add what I remember from a book that I read a long time ago and that worked for me because first you do not have to follow annoying menus, or count points, or weigh food, nothing. And there I was in two months skinny without going hungry and with energy, since this is not a diet that prohibits you from food and you feel that you faint, no. In fact it is not a diet, it is a studied eating habit .. (Pavlov studied it) and it works, it is a lifestyle that we can maintain to be healthy and not overweight.

There are several things that must be taken into account, I am going to summarize a little to see if I explain myself well, if not you can comment on any questions and I will answer them. The main thing is knowing how to combine foods

1.- Eat only fruits in the morning, it would be ideal to start with fruit juice (juice) oranges, grapefruit or if you have a juice extractor make it whatever you want and then eat any fruit: Apple, pears, peaches, grapes, pin (watermelon), melon etc, You can eat the amount you want when you feel hungry up to half an hour before lunch. The benefits of eating fruit on an empty stomach are unsurpassed.

2.- Do not mix Proteins with Carbohydrates in the same meal. You can eat only proteins (chicken, meat, fish, pig (pork) cheese, ham, eggs) with vegetables and salad, or only carbohydrates (Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) with vegetables and salads. The vegetables can be parboiled or fried if you wish with a drizzle of oil (it is allowed) and the salads you can dress them as always, of course, do not abuse with creams or a lot of mayonnaise, for example.

3.- If you eat carbohydrates, you can eat a fruit 3 hours later. (This is because the body will have already digested the food in this time and you can already eat a fruit. Why not before? because the food ferments and does not come out so fast from the stomach. Remember that everything is about energy and the less time the Food being digested, there is more energy to devote to losing weight Why not mix? Here I explain the why of the correct combination of foods.

4.- If you eat Proteins, you can eat the fruit 4 hours later. Protein generally takes 1 hour longer to digest if it is well combined with vegetables or salads.

I will explain in another post in more detail the digestion process and why the correct combination is important in order to lose weight.
With all this we will avoid Toxemia because we will be naturally eliminating waste from our body effectively in order to reach our ideal weight!

It works for me, but I recommend before any dietary change you should consult your doctor.

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