Patacones super crunchy


When I get up, 2 things are provoked by patacones or Encebollado, Today I am going to share how I make my patacones super crunchy.



Ingredients for Patacones 4 People
1. 3 medium greens (Dominico or Barraganete)
2. Half a liter of Oil
3. 1 cup Ice Water
4. Salt
5. 1 clove of Crushed Garlic


Preparation Patacones 30 minutes
1. Heat the pan with the oil over medium heat
2. We peel the greens
3. We cut approximately in 7 or 8 pieces
4. Once the oil is very hot we place our greens
5. We let them take a yellow duckling color in both parts
6. Before they brown, we remove and put it on a napkin to remove excess oil.
7. Then we crush them with a maso or else with a glass to give them the shape of patacones
8. TRICK we quickly submerge the patacón in water previously prepared with the crushed garlic and salt. The water must be ice cold.
9. Now if to jump, we throw the patacones in the oil and being with water, they will burst and form a super crunchy and extremely delicious crust.
10. Leave there until golden brown on both sides.
11. We remove and put it on a napkin to absorb the oil.
12. Ready Accompany them with a good manaba cheese and coffee

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