Sauteed vegetables with brown rice


Ingredients: (4 people)

1/2 paprika

1 bunch of asparagus

1/2 onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 small carrot

1 piece of broccoli and cauliflower

5 mushrooms

1 cup of brown rice

2 tablespoons olive oil

Pepper and salt


First we cut the tips of the asparagus and put them aside, and cut the stem into pieces of approximately 2cm and put them to boil for 5 minutes since they are harder and in this way they are more tender. Meanwhile, we cut the other vegetables and fry them in the 2 tablespoons of oil in a deep pan .. drain the asparagus and add them to the pan .. there add the salt and pepper to taste and cook them all for 5 to 10 minutes ( It depends if you like them more raw or more cooked. I don’t cook them much so they don’t lose all their vitamins)

We put them aside and in the same pan, add the cup of rice together with 2 and a half cups of water (the measure of 2 and a half is because brown rice takes longer to cook) add a pinch of salt and when boiling, we lower the fire, cover and wait for it to be ready.

When it is cooked, we add the cooked vegetables, stir and serve!

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