The body’s natural cycles


Most people don’t know they exist, but they do! Our body has a cycle that, to be healthy, it must comply fully or let us fulfill it in order to be at 100% of our health and our desired weight.

These cycles are based on fairly obvious bodily functions. To put it simply, daily we eat food (appropriation), we absorb and use part of it (assimilation) and we get rid of what we do not use (elimination). Although each of these functions is, to some extent, continuously running, each of them intensifies during certain hours of the day:

The natural cycles of the body are

From noon to 8 PM: – APPROPRIATION (ingestion and digestion)

From 8 PM to 4 AM: – ASSIMILATION (absorption and use)

From 4 AM to noon: -ELIMINATION (of body waste and food remains)


Wherever cultural conditioning imposes a different meal schedule from the American one, on which this book is based, the cycles spontaneously adapt to the situation and a natural time shift occurs.


For Europe, for example, the situation would be, approximately:

From 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: APPROPRIATION OR INTAKE


From 5 to 13 hours: ELIMINATION


If we pay attention to our body, these cycles will be evident to us. Many of us have eaten very late at night … and in the morning we wake up groggy, like drugged with discomfort. Because? simply because you have been eating food at the time the body had to be assimilating it and the assimilation cycle was postponed, extending it until the time the body wants to be eliminating. The regular eight-hour cycles have been altered. Because the natural functioning of the body has been hampered, one wakes up feeling bad. When this happens, we are contributing negatively to toxemia, which is nothing more than unbalancing our body and then WE GET FAT because excess body toxins are the precursors of obesity. I recommend you see: The correct combination of foods. Eat everything and not get fat, if possible!


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