The correct combination of foods. Why not mix protein with carbohydrates.


To understand this process we must be clear that the key element at stake is energy; since digestion is one of the functions that produce the greatest energy demand. In turn, this energy is very important for the detoxification of the body; And it cannot eliminate toxic waste without our cooperation. Complying with simple rules we will see that eating everything and losing weight is not a myth!

Let’s go with the basics

What are proteins? The proteins are: Meat, chicken, fish, pork, eggs. And we should only eat them with vegetables and salads .. Example: We can eat a whole chicken if we want but with salad and steamed vegetables, sautéed etc. But if bread, no rice or anything else! or grill but without potatoes or yuccas, or fish with vegetables and a super salad … and so on.

What are carbohydrates? They are potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, sweet potatoes, quinoa, banana, and we should only combine them with vegetables and salads too .. That is, we can calmly eat a Neapolitan pasta or a pesto pasta (without cheese) happy with the life and we will continue to lower Wiiii !! Or a Vegetable pizza (no cheese)

We should not eat protein mixed with carbohydrates in a single meal

Here I explain why:

The digestive juices needed to break down protein are acidic, and to digest carbohydrates they are alkaline. Anyone who has ever been to a chemistry class knows what happens when acid meets alkaline: they neutralize.

Suppose we eat a steak with a potato. They are in the stomach, and the digestive juices necessary for the breakdown of each of them have just been neutralized. What is going to happen to that food? The body, which is infinitely wise, immediately recognizes the emergency, because for it, the digestion of food is one of the first priorities. The body is in total bewilderment. It has to secrete more digestive juices, which takes time and energy.

New digestive juices are secreted in the stomach, and what happens? Which are neutralized again. Now the body is really pushed to its limit. It takes more energy to secrete more juices that go to the stomach, and this process takes a long time. In fact, it can take several hours as the body manufactures all those digestive juices, until we begin to feel a sensation of indigestion or heartburn. Finally the food, without ever being properly digested, simply leaves the stomach by the peristaltic action of the intestines. This undigested food is forced into the intestines, after being retained in the stomach for several hours and toxemia occurs.

It is important to understand exactly what has happened. Most of the proteins, after being in the stomach for so long, are rotting. Most of the carbohydrates have fermented. The nutritive substances affected by them cannot be incorporated into a healthy cellular structure.

Foods that have undergone either of these two processes generate toxic acids in the body, and because of them gas, flatulence, more heartburn, indigestion and Alka Seltzer, bicarbonate, milk of magnesia are produced, the list is long.

Ideally, food should stay in the stomach for only three hours; in this way fermentation, gas, acidity and indigestion are avoided. Food is intended to pass quickly through our intestines; and the fastest and most effective way to ensure this is not to consume more than one type of food at a time.

Consequently: if you want to eat a steak, fish or chicken, no problem; As long as it is not accompanied by any other concentrated food: no potatoes, rice, noodles, cheese or bread. With meats you can eat only foods with high water content; that is, with boiled vegetables or raw salads. If you want to eat potatoes or pasta, accompany them only with vegetables and salads.

By following it faithfully, you can lose up to two kilos per week and the best we can eat everything and lose weight!

When and how to eat fruits!

In the morning you can not have anything but fruit, no bread, coffee or cereals, to satisfy your hunger you can have two bananas.

Until noon, only fruits and fruit juices should be consumed. After eating the fruit, you should wait between 20 and 30 minutes before eating another food.

If you eat meat, fish or any other type of protein, it should not be mixed with starches (potatoes, rice, noodles, legumes). Yes, it can be combined with all the vegetables you want.

At night you can already eat meat, fish, rice, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, etc., without any restrictions.

After eating food, you have to wait four (4) hours before eating again, but if you have combined badly (carbohydrates with proteins) you must wait a minimum of eight.

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