Tomato risotto with prawns (Shrimp)


Spanish gastronomy is simply exquisite, I always say that … the three years I lived there I gave myself life because apart from the fact that the fish and shellfish are fresh, they are cheap!

So I didn’t miss any opportunity to make paellas, risottos with seafood, whatever I wanted, and thank goodness! because I’m not there anymore and in these parts, although they are not bad, they are not the same. This risotto has an intense flavor … I know you are going to like it! The bread that accompanies it in the photo is this one that you can see in the following link toasted bread with garlic butter and divine parsley!

Ingredients for the tomato risotto with prawns:
• 3 cups of rice
• 1 medium onion
• 4 cloves of garlic
• 1/2 green paprika
• 1/2 red paprika
• 1/2 cup of mushrooms
• Saffron
• 1 large can of crushed tomatoes
• 10 prawns.
• 1 lt of fish broth.

Preparation of the tomato risotto with prawns:
First, we chop the peppers, mushrooms, garlic and onion into tiny pieces

And as Antonio Banderas says: The secret so that all paella or rice that has shrimp seafood in general is not the saffron … it is the stir-fry !! So, let’s get to the kitchen:
The first thing is not to throw the head of the shrimp or prawns, because we are going to fry them in olive oil until the red juice is released. And yes … we have to squash them a bit with a fork to help them release their substance, which is what gives them the flavor. (Here you can already feel the aroma that will drive more than one person crazy in the house … it is delicious)

Add the fish stock to the pan where the heads are … and cook for 5 more minutes.

In addition, we fry the garlic and onion, the prawns or shrimp for 2 minutes and then we reserve them separately. You do not cook everything together because they would be hard or dry and what we want is for them to be tender and juicy.

Then add the paprika and mushrooms to the sauce

After 5 minutes over medium heat, we add the can of crushed tomatoes that can be canned or can crush fresh tomatoes.

When the sauce is cooked (about 10 min approximately) we add the rice, the saffron and the broth where we fry the heads of the prawns …

Add a little more water or broth so that the rice is not dry, rectify the salt .. add the prawns, let it cook for 10 minutes (until the rice is soft) and it is juicy with the risottos.

I guarantee that everyone in the house will be delighted with this recipe … do a lot because if they are like mine, they will repeat until nothing is left in the pot! And since we’re on the rice wave, check out this super easy Mushroom Risotto. Click here or on the photo to see the recipe:

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