Venezuelan Empanadas of chicken


Who doesn’t like to start the day with an empanadita? Be it chicken, cheese, ham, chicken, meat, fish, leg, beans with whatever you put on it, they are great! We Venezuelans who are outside the country, who does not remember the empanadas from the ferry in Puerto La Cruz? they were the best !! Say your dogfish or flag! Obligation to have breakfast there before going to the beach yes or yes. What good memories right? 🙂 Let’s make empanadas then!

Ingredients for the Chicken Empanadas (1 dozen):

1 chicken
1/2 package of Bread Flour
1/2 red paprika
1 medium onion
2 teeth of
Salt and pepper

Preparation of the Chicken Empanadas:

First, for the stew, remove the skin from the chicken and parboil it. You crumble it and fry the chopped onion, garlic and paprika. Then you add the chicken, salt pepper and cook it over medium heat.

Then continue with the dough: Add water in a deep container (the proportions are known to the eye per cent but on the packaging it says 1 cup of water x 1 of flour), half a teaspoon of salt and the flour, knead until smooth and uniform.

Place a plastic wrap on the table and on it a little dough and flatten it evenly as thin as possible without breaking it and place enough of the stew in the center. (it is important that it is not hot otherwise the dough breaks)

Fold the plastic wrap into a half moon

and with a lid or a plate seal the edge,

Remove the paper and excess dough from the edges

Then fry them in plenty of hot oil

And ready! serve them for breakfast, dinner, or a snack.

I recommend that you also see the recipe for Argentine Empanadas by clicking here or on the photo below

They are generally accompanied with garlic sauce, blending 1/2 clove of garlic with 5 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a little parsley and a pinch of salt. And good luck !!!

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