YUCA Bread Naturissimo style


It is surprising how easy this recipe is and at the same time how delicious and nutritious it is. In my country there is a whole food chain based on this cassava bread and they accompany it with yogurt.

This recipe is incredible because apart from being good for gluten intolerant people, it is easy and it is a lifesaving recipe since for those unexpected visits, what better way than to surprise them with something freshly baked and delicious and free of regrets.

*Yuca bread*


1 pound of chonero / manaba cheese

1 pound cassava starch

1 egg

1 tablespoon butter / margarine

Necessary Amount of Natural Yogurt WITHOUT sugar

1 teaspoon salt


* Preparation: We grate the cheese (that is a salty and hard cheese), we mix it with the yucca starch, the salt, the butter and the egg, we knead well until everything is very well integrated, we add the yogurt little by little until we see that our dough is firm and we know that it is ready when making our balls they stay firm in our can and do not deform … Once the balls are ready we take them to the freezer and reserve them for when we want to use them. When we want to eat them we preheat the oven to 180 ° C and when it is hot we take the frozen balls, put them in our tin or tray and take them one to the oven. We know that they are already there when we see that our balls are already golden.

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