Valentine’s Dinner Ideas and Decorations


  Valentine’s Day is coming, on this Valentine’s Day there is nothing richer than spending it with our love enjoying one of the richest pleasures in life: eating! .. lol yes, I know you thought about the other pleasure bandits! We leave that for after dinner .. or before?

It is not necessary to break our heads for this day, I have always thought that the simpler things are, the more beautiful and special they are … also the idea is not to arrive at dinner exhausted and stressed.

Starting with the decoration of the table for your loved one a white tablecloth with red or pink petals or vice versa, a red tablecloth with white petals looks super beautiful and with some red or white candles gives it that ideal romantic touch for this day. Colors! always white pink and red 🙂

And since I know that you are very applied (you) who want to make this date “a heartfelt day”, look at how many things can be done:

Click on the video to see the preparation or you can also see it on my channel below are the instructions and photos.

Starting with breakfast, you can make these PANQUECAS, if you don’t have the mold you can get one by clicking HERE that also serves to make the heart-shaped fried egg or you can make a toasted bread and give it a heart shape with a knife or a cookie cutter


You can make some toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and cut them into a heart shape !!

This idea is super and I love it! ♥ We simply toast two slices of bread, fry an egg and cut the heart shape from the toast above, see the video here:

Heart-shaped eggs ♥ the mold is sold HERE

Or a bowl of fruit 🙂 let your imagination fly, you can do it with pineapple, kiwi melon to give it more color!

Or these sausages! Forget about the diet today 🙂

♥ Appetizers ♥
Simple things like this look great and give your table a lot of color like these skewers with cherry tomatoes and cheese. A little olive oil, oregano and that’s it

And they are made like this, or you can also see it in my video:

You can also prepare these canapes with Philadelphia cheese, chives and salmon or ham or to your liking:

To accompany the main meal, whether you decide on lunch or dinner with the same heart-shaped cutter, you can make the baked or stewed potatoes, with only salt, rosemary and bay leaf they are delicious!

I’m not going to ask you to cut a steak also in the shape of a heart !! although I confess that I would do it hahaha just to see what it looks like. But for example the PIZZA can be made with the shape or a tortilla is made and cut

If you don’t feel like kneading… you can make the pizzitas with pita bread and cut them into a heart shape. (before putting them in the oven)

For dinner, if it is something more formal, here on my blog you will find the PASTA recipes that everyone likes! MEATS, or if you prefer CHICKEN or SEAFOOD here they get everything!

I particularly LOVE this PASTA A LA MARINERA is exquisite, and the seafood tonight is perfect;)

More ideas for dessert

Heart-shaped ice cream!

For the morning or afternoon … a hot chocolate with Marshmallows (Marshmallows)

Also a heart-shaped cake … and if you don’t have, then decorate it ♥♥♥ with many of them ♥♥♥ !! I made this one for my daughter’s birthday, super easy and divine ORANGE CAKE with Nutella Topping and full hearts ^ _ ^ or if you want simply CHOCOLATE

Utensils I use for baking:
• Molds and other things for Valentine’s Day

Do not forget to accompany the delicious dinner with a good wine … if you prepare meat or pasta, red wine … and if you make seafood or chicken a white wine. Cheers and enjoy this day !!

“Cooking is a way of saying I LOVE YOU”

“Life is short…
break the rules, forgive fast
kiss slowly, really love
laugh uncontrollably, don’t hold a grudge
do not forget to be happy, and while we are here …

Let’s cook!” 🙂

As always, if you have more ideas feel free to comment and share it. A kiss! 🙂 ♥

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