Egg tortilla


Total time 5 minutes

Egg 2 units
1 dash olive oil
salt a little
Optional pepper 1 little

Preparation :

The 2 eggs are broken * and poured into a container together with the salt and, if desired, the pepper
* It is beaten well until it is a homogeneous and slightly foamy mixture
* On the other hand, put a little olive oil in a pan and take to the fire
* When the oil is hot, the heat is lowered to a low or moderate temperature and the beaten eggs are poured
* Moving the pan, distribute the mixture trying to cover the bottom of the pan and when it is slightly cooked, we roll it up with the help of a spatula or fork (be careful with grating the pan!). This is the most delicate step because we could, inadvertently, break the shape of the tortilla or else it could look somewhat ugly and the tortilla should be oval in shape.
* The tortilla is removed from the pan by turning it onto a plate and served hot …..
I hope you like a kiss and hug Happy afternoon

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